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um.ai seeds and chips milano

March 27, 2015

um.ai seeds and chips milano

talk about um.ai at seeds&chips milan


March 27, 2015

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  1. Planning a dinner with friends, shopping with your family, choosing

    a restaurant when travelling, a business lunch … chances to eat badly are everywhere
  2. Let us know your preferences. (and some context) Culture, medical

    history, season, goals, religion, where you are, your likes, your dislikes
  3. 9 Um.ai VS 100 items retrieved 84% of item provided

    by users 1 item retrieved Data collected from authorised sources Outdated data Data is updated every day No ingredients Only Macro Nutrients (shallow data) No dietary compatibility No personalisation Full Ingredient list 160 Macro and Micro Nutrients Dietary compatibility Personalised feedback and recommendations search: mushroom risotto 15 clicks and 3 min 3 clicks and 30 sec
  4. Nutritional value of restaurant food Estimate the nutritional values of

    any restaurant dish. Precompute a “compatibility” score about each dish in a restaurant and the restaurant overall
  5. Um.ai uses artificial intelligence to understands what you mean 1

    2 3 4 You eat well = healthy and with joy We get to know your taste We help you make the best next choice
  6. Sign up for our beta at http://um.ai Thanks We are

    looking for collaborators and angels. Talk to me! [email protected]