P.S. I Love You – A Story About Web Accessibility

Ab1837782bc07b80199a2290c6372643?s=47 Emanuel Blagonic
September 24, 2016

P.S. I Love You – A Story About Web Accessibility

Yes. We say I love you all too often, and yes – web *IS* the most transparent platform in the world. But, do we really think of all the users in the world that will access our website? We are not all the same. Every one of us uses the web differently. Some use it on their mobile phones, some on their tablets, some on their desktops and some on their televisions.

When building websites we don't think about *all* the users out there, aren't we? And the reason is often – money. We don't get enough of a budget to think of them. But let's be honest – we should do more. Is there something we should and can do? Is there a way to create a better website for *all the people out there* and not only the lucky ones?

In this talk I will explore how people with disabilities use the web and will give you some guidelines that will help you create better user experiences for everyone.


Emanuel Blagonic

September 24, 2016