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How does the Library catalog work? De-mystifying Primo

How does the Library catalog work? De-mystifying Primo

Presentation given at Boston College Library on January 8, 2018. Provides Library staff with an overview of the Primo/Alma systems.

Emily Singley

January 04, 2018

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  1. How does the Library catalog work? de-mystifying Primo Emily Singley

    with Luke Gaudreau and Theresa Lyman January 2018
  2. §  What is Primo? §  How does Primo work? § 

    What is in the Books search? §  What is in the Articles search? §  How do Alma records become Primo records? §  Q&A
  3. What is Primo?

  4. Primo discovery service =

  5. Primo Alma Discovery services load records from multiple sources Digitool

    eScholarship and more…
  6. Primo Data export, transformation, and normalization Source System Discovery services

    transform the data loaded from source systems
  7. How is Primo different from the old Quest?

  8. Aleph Quest OPAC Quest was part of Aleph, our old

  9. Aleph Quest OPAC Patrons searched Aleph directly using the OPAC

    Data was not exported or transformed
  10. Alma Alma replaced the Aleph ILS

  11. Alma Alma doesn’t have a patron-facing search interface (no OPAC)

  12. Primo Alma Primo and Alma are separate systems Primo does

    not search Alma directly
  13. ??? Alma Alma can work with other discovery services

  14. TAKEAWAYS: Alma and Primo are separate systems Primo does not

    search Alma directly (not an OPAC) Primo loads records from multiple sources
  15. How does Primo work?

  16. Search Books Articles Primo searches two separate buckets of stuff

  17. 5 million books 1 billion articles

  18. Primo searches 93,565 ARTICLES 199, 791 BOOKS

  19. What is in the Books bucket?

  20. Books Books bucket and more.. eScholarship Digitool Alma

  21. Books Books bucket = Local Catalog We load the records

    We control the metadata
  22. What is in the Articles bucket?

  23. Article metadata from lots and lots of publishers Articles bucket

  24. Articles bucket And Lots more…

  25. Articles = Primo Central Index Articles bucket = Primo Central

    Index (PCI) We do NOT control the metadata Ex Libris (vendor) loads the records
  26. Articles Articles is NOT the same as Library databases

  27. Articles Not all BC subscribed content is available - including

    EBSCO databases But Articles does include journals also covered by EBSCO databases – provided through different sources
  28. Example of article in both EBSCO and Articles

  29. Articles List of everything in Articles is on Library Wiki

    (or ask us)
  30. TAKEAWAYS: Primo searches two separate buckets – Books and Articles

    We load and manage books Articles are loaded by the vendor Articles bucket is not the same content as Library databases
  31. How do Book records get into Primo?

  32. Let’s take a look…

  33. TAKEAWAYS: How records get into Primo: 1) Exported from source

    system (Alma, Digitool, etc) 2) Normalization rules applied 3) Transformed to PNX 4) Indexed Process happens nightly for Alma records Other source systems on varying schedules
  34. We use Normalization Rules to configure: Display Search Facets Links

    and more…
  35. Questions? librarysystems-ggroup@bc.edu