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Streams as the team interface

Streams as the team interface

Slides from a talk at Øredev, Malmö, Sweden, on 6 November 2015.


How do you remain agile when working on a large application? How do you keep feedback cycles short and ship features quickly? How do you adapt rapidly to changing requirements?

Somehow, you need to break the big application into smaller, more manageable chunks. Microservices are a growing trend for splitting up monolithic applications into independently deployable services. Although there are many good things about microservices, it’s not all roses: keeping them reliable and consistently performant can take serious effort.

In this talk, we’ll discuss a different approach to breaking down a big application into smaller chunks: stream processing. Many applications can be designed as a cascade of jobs that consume and produce real-time data streams. When you build applications this way, streams are not just an implementation detail — they become the interface from one team to another.

Building on the experience of building large-scale stream processing systems with Apache Kafka, this talk will explore how streams can help make our software development more agile, and our systems faster and more robust at the same time.


Martin Kleppmann

November 06, 2015

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