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EXTENT-2019: Demystifying DLT Testing One Network at a Time

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September 17, 2019

EXTENT-2019: Demystifying DLT Testing One Network at a Time

Demystifying DLT Testing One Network at a Time
Ekaterina Volobueva
QA Analyst, Exactpro

17 September 2019, London

Video: https://youtu.be/UCY0epbTUnE

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September 17, 2019


  1. Demystifying DLT Testing One Network at a Time Ekaterina Volobueva,

    QA Analyst, Exactpro
  2. Is it OK to release my blockchain into live-service?

  3. ClearTH Testing Tool

  4. ClearTH for DLT-Based Post-Trade Systems research based on R3 Corda

    technology has won the Best Tool Demo Award in Xi’an, China
  5. The complexity of post-trade - There is a multitude of

    components in modern complex post-trade infrastructures; - Upstream and downstream system dependency; - The participant structure is very complex; - Trade/Position/Account life cycle; - The number of Asset Classes may vary; - The complexity of the Risk calculation process; - Access via a set of API endpoints.
  6. Maybe blockchain? J.Gardner decision model https://medium.com/@sbmeunier/when-do-you-need-blockchain-decision-models-a5c40e7c9ba1

  7. Morgen E. Peck decision model https://medium.com/@sbmeunier/when-do-you-need-blockchain-decision-models-a5c40e7c9ba1

  8. D. Birch decision model https://medium.com/@sbmeunier/when-do-you-need-blockchain-decision-models-a5c40e7c9ba1 Do I need a blockchain?

  9. Testing the Core Network

  10. Testing Distributed Applications

  11. Functional testing Non-functional testing

  12. Exactpro Test Framework and Test Approach for DLT-based system 3

    steps on the ledger side: 1st - Initialisation of positions 2nd - Trade creation and participant notification 3rd - Positions updates Across each and every step the test framework provides different methods to validate the endpoints, inputs and outputs. The actual business flow steps and validation check items are transformed into ClearTH matrix after execution of which the deviations from the expected behaviour can be analysed.
  13. ClearTH and Woodpecker for DLT is an Exactpro test harness

    able to simultaneously execute multiple end-to-end test scenarios in batches. • Supports multiple protocols (SWIFT, FIX, Market Data, etc.) • Automatically runs test scripts • Executes concurrent automated tests • Allows to create multiple-day test scenarios • Has integrated scheduler and simulators • Verifies each stage of the system daily life cycle
  14. None
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