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Software testing. Sailfish

October 22, 2020

Software testing. Sailfish

MOST Working Group, FIX Trading Community
22 October 2020

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October 22, 2020

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  1. 1 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com Software testing Sailfish

    Exactpro MOST Working Group, FIX Trading Community 22 October 2020
  2. 2 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com A specialist firm

    focused on functional and non-functional testing of exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, trade repositories and other financial market infrastructures. Exactpro Overview Headquartered in the UK with operations in the US and Eastern Europe. The clients are regulated by the FCA, Bank of England and their counterparts from other countries. Exactpro provides software testing services for mission critical technology that underpins global financial markets. The firm is experienced with trading and clearing and settlement platforms, market data systems, collateral management and risk management systems, central data warehouses, regulatory reporting, etc. Incorporated in 2009 with 10 people, Exactpro is now employing over 600 specialists. Part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) from May 2015 until January 2018, when the Exactpro management proceeded through the buyout of the company from LSEG.
  3. 4 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com Linear test automation

    of the functional flows is usually a step-by-step scenario execution and validation. It can be easily automated through the available API interfaces. Sailfish is an active real-time tool used for exchange, MTF and broker systems testing. It can also be used as an exchange simulator for testing post-trade systems or smart derivatives. Sailfish is a web-based application which supports simultaneous connections of multiple users for both incoming and outgoing streams. It is written in Java. Sailfish test tool is used for test script development and automation: - Tests Order Entry, Market Data and Post-Trade connections in one test scenario - Executes test scripts in any order - Simulates multiple user connections - Simulates servers - Stores all messages in a database - Generates test reports Sailfish can be customized to support various other protocols on a par with FIX, e.g. OUCH, ITCH, Omnet, WebSocket. Linear test automation
  4. 13 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com Sailfish (Test Execution

    Procedure) Sailfish The steps to run the scripts in Sailfish: - Upload the Services to the ‘Environment’ tab - Upload the Scripts (.yaml, .csv) to the ‘Test Scripts’ tab - Select the scripts required to be executed (if all scripts are to be executed, select main ‘Name’ checkbox) on the ‘Test Scripts’ tab - Select the options in the bottom left corner, like ‘Auto Start’ for services and ‘Continue if Failed’ - Select the environment services to define the environment to run the test (e.g. ‘appl02’ on Slide 7 ) - Press the ‘Run All’ or the ‘Run Selected’ button - Wait till the tests are executed - Check the results via the ‘Report’ link for a specific script - The results can be downloaded via the ‘Get Zip’ link
  5. 14 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com Web Binary FIX

    Market Data Database Sailfish Exactpro has donated Sailfish to Open source: Watch on Exactpro's YouTube channel
  6. 15 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com A Lot of

    E2E test Scenarios Participant Structure Asset Classes Matching Engine Rules System Components distribution OrderTypes/ TIFs Markets/ Trading Sessions ... Multiply your tests against possible permutations in your system Sailfish / Big Button Sailfish / BIG BUTTON
  7. 16 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com Combine tests into

    a "Big Button" run Sailfish / Big Button Sailfish / BIG BUTTON
  8. Business Analysis Process Mining Chaos Engineering Models Monitoring and Observation

    Capacity detection Testing @ confluence FT/NFT Fuzzing Negative Testing Exploratory Testing Linear Test Automation Automated generation of test scenarios Rules-based checking Model based checking Load Injection Automated Management of Test environment Business Analysts Systems Analysts Software Developers in Test Discovery Mass Processing Repetition Ideas Tools People DevOps / TestOps Load Injector / Woodpecker Sailfish / ClearTH Sailjector / Minirobots Shsha Whaleshark NFTest Manager Cradle Book Checker / Enum Checker / Process Miner th2 BIG BUTTON Test Data Collection Machine Learning Continuity Simulation of multiple endpoints
  9. 19 Build Software to Test Software exactpro.com To find out

    more about test tools: https://exactpro.com/test-tools/sailfish or contact us: [email protected] +44 (0) 20 3319 1644 +1 (646) 340 3000 Automation Technology Project of the Year: Exactpro and R3 The QA Financial Software and App Awards 2020 Thank you!