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SenchaDay 2022 - Keynote

SenchaDay 2022 - Keynote

SenchaDay 2022 Keynote speech with Marc Gusmano (Sencha) and Tim Riedel (eyeworkers)

eyeworkers GmbH

November 11, 2022

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  1. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22

  2. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Uhrzeit Session 09:00 – 10:00

    Willkommen, Keynote Marc Gusmano, Tim Riedel 10:00 – 10:45 Frontend Architektur mit Micro Frontends Thorsten Suckow-Homberg 11:15 – 12:00 An early preview of Sencha Rapid Ext JS Marc Gusmano 12:00 – 13:00 Mittagspause 13:00 – 13:45 User Experience - Good code is not the only thing Torsten Koch 13:45 – 14:30 Sencha's React Grid- GRUI Marc Gusmano 14:45 – 15:30 Reflex Solutions Pro Christoph Brandt, Simon Buckel 15:30 – 16:15 NPM in Sencha Ext JS Projekten & Build Pipeline Thorsten Suckow-Homberg 16:15 – 17:00 Model Schema - Was macht das eigentlich und welche Alternativen gibt es? Torsten Dinkheller 17:00 - Q&A, Verabschiedung und Verlosung
  3. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Our Path Forward M&A continues

    to expand our capabilities Sencha Ext JS remains core focus Global footprint accelerates growth
  4. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22

  5. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 2022 in Review • Community

    growth • Recognised as leader on G2. https://www.g2.com/ ◦ Across Industries ◦ User Ratings • Visual Editor project restart ◦ Investment in Architect core • Focus on trainings + resources ◦ Faster time to value = larger community
  6. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Key Themes: High performance with

    Low Code tooling • Finishing your app in record time • Sencha Architect generates fast, high-quality code –customizable with its drag and drop feature • Articulate innovation and drive your business forward can be produced in no time
  7. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 The Evolution of JavaScript Tooling

  8. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Ext JS Data Grid—Incredibly Fast

    Data Processing Robust data grid is the backbone of data-intensive applications • Key Component in product suite • Client and server side buffered store allows loading/manipulation of large data sets within milliseconds • Continue to Focus on Data Grid Enhancements ◦ New features ◦ Quality improvements ◦ More code examples, tutorials, videos
  9. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Ext JS UI Library—Everything You

  10. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 App Security—a Key Concern for

    Enterprises • Frontend JS subject to security concerns similar to backend • According to NPM, it’s common for JS projects to depend on 700-1200 package • Delayed software patches, unaudited dependencies and legal compliance add significant security vulnerability risks *Sonatype, “DevSecOps Community Survey” 2019
  11. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Build Safer with Ext JS

    • Enterprise backed solution is a safer option for critical apps • Pre-built and professionally tested UI components • Industry is moving toward single source solutions to reduce development and maintenance costs
  12. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Ext JS Hub Solution •

    SaaS companies (eg: ERP/CRM) transforming single-use web apps into scalable platforms that allow end user customization • Building complex web platforms from scratch is costly and resource intensive; often resulting in poor performing solutions that don’t scale • Ext JS Hub license is a cost-effective solution for OEM type use cases Unlimited license for a fixed annual cost
  13. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Continuing to Serve Variety of

    Industry Verticals Finance Ext JS powers financial dashboards to provide easy interfaces to track key financial metrics such as P&L indicators, liquidity, etc. Healthcare Electronic healthcare records, dashboards, & patient portals use Ext JS to display and explain data with flexibility. Defense Ext JS based executive, operational, and security dashboards connect with multiple data sources and display real-time threat data. Energy & Utilities Ext JS provides insights and visibility to help monitor and manage real-time field data Retail Retail runs on enterprise-grade apps, and Ext JS provides insight into buying patterns and valuable data to drive more sales. Technology Ext JS provides business data monitoring and management of inventory and market trends Telecommunication Ext JS powers telecom players to create specialized enterprise applications that replace off-the-shelf ERP solutions Transportation Ext JS delivers blazing fast dashboards to manage transportation bottlenecks, perform predictive maintenance, and scheduling
  14. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Most Recent Case Studies Icube

    used Sencha Ext JS to power their highly sophisticated digital platforms, MilkPay and EVA, to automate transactions and improve operational efficiencies for local milk producers and cheese factories. “With Ext JS, we were able to easily enhance the components to add functionality to several existing components to suit our specific requirements.” — Gaylord Falque, Product Development Manager at Icube HISCOM combined the power of Sencha Ext JS and Embarcadero’s RAD Studio to design and deploy a highly productive AI-enabled vending machine operation and logistics platform. “Sencha’s drag and drop, graphs, grids, and other components enabled us to build a native-like web system offering a rich user experience.” —Daisuke Tsuri, Section Head, Operations Services Division at HISCOM
  15. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Best Practices around Building Data-Intensive

    Apps • Modern applications need to be designed with strong emphasis on visual appeal, customization capabilities and simple yet intuitive UX. • The guide discusses best practices around building data-intensive applications that fuel enterprise growth
  16. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Modern Guide To FinTech App

    Development • FinTech has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers manage financial transactions. • The guide discusses the essentials of financial charting and dashboards in your fintech apps and the top factors to consider while designing them.
  17. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Overcoming Open Source Problems for

    Enterprise App Development • Open Source is an important driver of sustainable development and plays an important role in seeding the ecosystem and encouraging collaborative innovation. • But there are some prevalent threats that businesses should be cognizant of when using open source. The White Paper provides guidance on how to overcome them.
  18. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 MVP Community • We recognize

    this experience is fractured ◦ Plans in motion to revamp and recommit to this program • MVPs play a vital role in shaping and advancing product usage and direction • Continue to engage MVPs and highlight their achievements and innovations through MVP highlight blog segments and case studies
  19. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22

  20. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Safe Harbor Statement These plans

    and roadmap represent our intentions as of this date, but our development plans and priorities are subject to change. Accordingly, we can’t offer any commitments or other forms of assurance that we’ll ultimately release any or all of the described products on the schedule or in the order described, or at all. These general indications of development schedules or “product roadmaps” should not be interpreted or construed as any form of a commitment, and our customers’ rights to upgrades, updates, enhancements and other maintenance releases will be set forth only in the applicable software license agreement.
  21. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Commitment to Ext JS—Our Promise

    To You • Launch Feature-rich Quality Products ◦ Upcoming releases — Ext JS 7.7 ◦ Focus remains on quality & performance improvement ◦ Improve mobility and accessibility features ◦ Keep Modern and Classic toolkits on par • Improved Onboarding Experience ◦ Remove any roadblocks for smoother onboarding ◦ Focus on improving getting started guides, trial flows, resources, tutorials, code examples, documentation • Easy Upgrades ◦ Easier upgrades for 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and beyond ◦ Upgrade advisor is a free tool built for Ext JS customers to expedite the upgrade process * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  22. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Sencha 2022 Roadmap Themes •

    Ext JS is King • Continued Innovation • Strong Focus on Quality * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  23. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Sencha 2022/2023 Roadmap Quality Address

    top customer requests for Sencha Architect Address top customer requests in Ext JS Address top customer requests in GXT Visual Studio Code Extension VSCode extension for Sencha Architect (Beta Release) – Rapid Ext JS Later Developer Productivity Sencha Test enhancements Visual Studio Code Extension VSCode extension for Sencha Architect (Public Release) Ext JS Features Address top customer requests in Ext JS for both Toolkits and Tooling updates Visual Studio Code Extension VSCode extension for Sencha Themer Address top enhancement requests for VSCode Extension for Sencha Architect * Now Next * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  24. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Recent Releases • 7.5 released

    on December 8, 2021 - addressed top customer requests in Ext JS for Classic and Modern Toolkit, focused on grid and form improvements, open tooling, and more. • 7.6 released on August 31, 2022 - includes new features for Grids, Modern SliderField and more along with quality improvements for both Classic and Modern Toolkit.
  25. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 7.5 - Quality Enhancements Release

    Developer Productivity: • Updated Froala to 4.0.5 version • Updated FontAwesome version to 5.15.4 version • Ext-gen and ExtWebpack plugin enhancements Internationalization • Provided out-of-the-box localization support for new grid features introduced in 7.4
  26. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 7.6 - Feature Focused Release

    Expanded Grid support: Classic to Modern • New filter type list, providing a list for filtering, in addition to combobox filtering • Column width and position are now stateful, even after page reload Enhancements: • Added ‘vertical’ option for Modern Slider • Open tooling/npm Sencha CMD central repository Ease of Use Enhancements: • Make Coworkee a NPM based app and update to latest Ext JS version
  27. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Sencha Tooling Sencha CMD: Better

    support for modern JavaScript versions, and latest Java version, support for Mac OS Monterey, CLI, and documentation NPM/Open Tooling: Address CLI issues and support testing builds, dynamic package loading, and better theming along with support for Sencha Cmd parameters in npm scripts * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  28. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Sencha Architect Sencha Architect, the

    ultimate visual app builder for developing cross-platform HTML5 apps for desktop & mobile devices. • Architect is here to stay • Providing updates to Architect for each Ext JS release • Visual Studio Code extension for Sencha Architect * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  29. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Sencha Visual Studio Code Extension

    Plans for 2022 We are building a VSCode GUI extension for Sencha Architect to design & develop using a low-code editor that helps in the fast development of Ext JS apps by minimizing hand-coding efforts.. • Generating dynamic view of any selected component file • Drag and Drop of Components • Editing of Configs • Creating a View with a context menu in any folder • No metadata boundary - Edit the project in any IDE • Download SDK Mechanism * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  30. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 • Free to use, lightweight

    IDE and toolset. Optimized for creating, building, executing, and debugging UI tests for websites and web applications • Create and build tests with popular web testing frameworks such as Selenium and Protractor • WebTestIt update release will focus on feature and quality enhancements WebTestIt Sencha’s Testing Tools * Features are not committed until completed and GA released
  31. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22

  32. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Upgrade Advisor • Save time

    upgrading your Ext JS apps by understanding upfront what code changes your dev team will need to make • Identify and properly estimate the amount of time and resources • Upgrade to the latest version of Ext JS faster than ever before
  33. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Ext JS Unlimited — Available

    Now • Ext JS for your entire organization • Unlimited developers • Ext JS Enterprise + Froala Editor Pro + FusionCharts Suite • Everything your organization needs to deliver enterprise-grade applications
  34. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Q & A

  35. © 2022 Sencha Inc. #SenchaCon22 Upcoming Sencha Day Presentations Sencha

    Day 2022 Welcome and Keynote Marc Gusmano Sencha Product Architect 9 am Frontend Architecture with Micro Frontends Thorsten Suckow-Homberg eyeworkers GmbH 10 am An Early Preview of Sencha Rapid ExtJS Marc Gusmano Sencha Product Architect 11:15 am User Experience - Good Code is not the only thing Tosten Koch eyeworkers GmbH 1 pm Sencha’s React Grid GRUI Marc Gusmano Sencha Product Architect 1:45 pm Customer Success Story: Reflex Solutions Pro Christoph Brand (mysystems GmbH) Simon Buckel (eyeworkers GmbH) 2:45 pm NPM in Sencha Projects & Build Pipeline Thorsten Suckow-Homberg eyeworkers GmbH 3:30 pm Model Schemer: What does it do and what alternatives are there? Thorsten Dinkheller Sencha ExtJS MVP 4:15 pm