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Org-mode is a mighty tool to organize yourself! In this talk I showed how Org-mode works in general and how I use it to organize my professional life.

It was a very hands-on workshop, find the source of this presentation here: https://gist.github.com/fabrik42/b5a901a1d92c32995c6cf10fedcf356e#file-presentation-org

Christian Bäuerlein

October 11, 2018

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  1. FUN FACTS FUN FACTS GNU Emacs by Richard Stallmann, 1984

    First Copyle license, later to become GNU General Public License Wri en in Elisp. Emacs IS Elisp. Highly customizable, self‑documen ng Not an editor. A tool to build tools. Environment for the programming of specialized text editors. 2 . 4
  2. ORG-MODE ORG-MODE Started in 2003, ships with Emacs since 2006.

    Some tools/primi ves to organize yourself, manage projects and do scien fic research. It provides a lot of features, but you choose if/how they are used. 2 . 5
  3. SIMPLE TEXT SIMPLE TEXT Similar to markdown, but more coherent.

    Code Appearance *bold* bold ~code~ code /italic/ italic +strike through+ strike through _underlined_ underlined =verbatim= verbatim 3 . 2
  4. CHECKLISTS CHECKLISTS [ ] One [ ] Two [ ]

    Three [ ] Show cookie stats! 3 . 4
  5. TABLES TABLES Favorite Beverages Health Joy Water 8 3 Ice

    Tea 0 10 Peppermint Tea 8 8 Chococchino 1 10 3 . 11
  6. PREDEFINED VIEWS PREDEFINED VIEWS Reason: You can have as many

    org files as you like. Agenda views work like dashboards that give you an outlook over your tasks. 6 . 2
  7. TASK ATTRIBUTES TASK ATTRIBUTES Title Content, lots of links a

    ached Most have a scheduled me Rou nes as repea ng tasks 7 . 2
  8. MOBILE ORG-MODE MOBILE ORG-MODE for iOS for Android as alterna

    ve? (yay, plain text!) beorg Orgzly Dra s 8 . 1

    Task Management In combina on with an Emacs mail client Sync it with calendars or Trello Use it with me ranges, repea ng events, reminders For clocking tasks and generate invoices Literate programming Repeatable Research Really, anything! 9 . 1
  10. PRO PRO Part of mighty Emacs Highly customizable Ba le‑proven,

    open source, free Endless publica ons of other produc vity freaks Full control over data, strong encryp on 10 . 2
  11. CONTRA CONTRA Steep learning curve You also need to learn

    Emacs Mobile is an effort Emacs Stockholm Syndrome 10 . 3
  12. WRAP UP WRAP UP Org‑mode is crazy cool! It can

    do almost everything. But it takes some effort to learn it. However, it is easier to get started than you might think. Just pick a couple of primi ves and give it a try, enhance/expand later. 11 . 1
  13. GOING FURTHER GOING FURTHER Spacemacs! Other Communi es: Todoist, Omnifocus

    Talk by Alex next week! My Produc vity Boosters Blog Post 12 . 1