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scala in 5 minutes

scala in 5 minutes

Lightning talk "scala in 5 minutes" presented at rubyconfuy 2012


federico silva

March 23, 2013

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  1. Scala in 5 minutes federico silva @ inConcert twitter.com/fedesilva scala

    meetup co-organizer self appointed scala ambassador in rubyland sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  2. Scala in 5 minutes? IMPOSSIBLE, captain! sábado 23 de marzo

    de 13
  3. Scala is multiparadigm general purpose statically typed hosted in the

    jvm sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  4. Scala is functional, succint (but not haskell like) loves immutability

    object oriented, has novel ways of expressing object composition flexible ( a lot ) sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  5. Scala has a unified type system ( no int|Int dichotomy

    ) everything is an object, even functions. type inference (avoids type stutter) sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  6. Scala can perform several kinds of “static monkey patching” via

    type classes, mixins, structural types ... val p = new Person with AdminCapabilities sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  7. is Scala complicated ? it is assumed that it is

    going to be used by consenting adults so it gives rope ... but not heavy ammunition as c++ would. not something I need to explain to a bunch of rubists, innit? (thinks monkey patching gone wild or gratuitous meta programming) sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  8. but Scala and ruby? if you use jRuby you can

    drop to java for performance ... and sadness. better use scala! jruby has scala integration scala has Dynamic which is like method missing. sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  9. Learn More docs.scala-lang.org programming scala by odersky scala meetup montevideo

    (meetup.com) sábado 23 de marzo de 13
  10. Shameless Plug next month (Apr 18) Intro to implicits by

    yours truly ... sábado 23 de marzo de 13