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Microserviços em Kotlin com Dropwizard

Microserviços em Kotlin com Dropwizard

Apresentação para o Kotlin Meetup São Paulo em 25 de Julho de 2020


June 25, 2020

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  1. Microserviços em Kotlin com Dropwizard Felipe Lima Kotlin Meetup São

    Paulo 25 de Junho de 2020 felipecsl.com @felipecsl
  2. Fonte: website oficial - dropwizard.io “Dropwizard is a Java framework

    for developing ops-friendly, high- performance, RESTful web services.”
  3. “Tá, mas por que diabos eu deveria usar Dropwizard ao

    invés de <insert other framework name>”
  4. • Criado em 2011 no Yammer • Arquitetura modular •

    Foco em produtividade, “get things done” • Java centric • Utiliza Jersey e Jetty Características
  5. Simplicidade class BrokerApplication : Application<BrokerConfiguration>() { override fun initialize(bootstrap: Bootstrap<BrokerConfiguration>)

    { bootstrap.apply { addBundle(webSocketBundle) addBundle(SslReloadBundle()) addBundle(RedirectBundle(HttpsRedirect())) } } override fun run(configuration: BrokerConfiguration, environment: Environment) { userDao = DaoFactory(environment, configuration).newDao(UserDao::class.java) sessionManager = SessionManagerFactory.newInstance( userDao, objectMapper, configuration ) environment.jersey().register(StatusResource(sessionManager)) environment.healthChecks().register("template", BrokerHealthCheck()) environment.jersey().register(UsersResource(userDao, sessionManager)) }
  6. REST "Eclipse Jersey is a REST framework that provides a

    JAX-RS (JSR-370) implementation” https://eclipse-ee4j.github.io/jersey/
  7. REST @Path("/status") @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) class StatusResource(private val sessionManager: SessionManager) { @GET

    @Timed fun healthStatus(): HealthStatus { return HealthStatus(sessionManager.totalActiveSessions()) } }
  8. REST @Path("/users") @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) class UsersResource( private val userDao: UserDao, private

    val sessionManager: SessionManager ) { @POST @Timed @Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) fun create(user: User): Response { userDao.insert(user) return Response.ok().build() } @PUT @Timed @Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) fun update(user: User): Response { userDao.updateUserIdByFcmToken(user) return Response.ok().build() } }
  9. Configurações • Único arquivo YAML • Passado por parâmetro para

    o server via linha de comando • Pode ser utilizado para centralizar todas as configurações do servidor
  10. Configurações database: driverClass: org.postgresql.Driver user: felipecsl password: url: jdbc:postgresql://localhost/clairvoyance_dev properties:

    charSet: UTF-8 # the maximum amount of time to wait on an empty pool before throwing an exception maxWaitForConnection: 1s # the SQL query to run when validating a connection's liveness validationQuery: "/* MyService Health Check */ SELECT 1" # the minimum number of connections to keep open minSize: 8 logValidationErrors: true # the maximum number of connections to keep open maxSize: 32 # whether or not idle connections should be validated checkConnectionWhileIdle: false # the amount of time to sleep between runs of the idle connection validation, abandoned cleaner and idle pool resizing evictionInterval: 10s # the minimum amount of time an connection must sit idle in the pool before it is eligible for eviction minIdleTime: 1 minute server: applicationContextPath: / applicationConnectors: - type: http port: 8080
  11. Configurações class BrokerConfiguration : Configuration() { @JsonProperty var fcmCredentialJsonPath: String?

    = null @JsonProperty var iceConfigFilePath: String? = null @JsonProperty var database: DataSourceFactory = DataSourceFactory() }
  12. Database @RegisterRowMapper(UserMapper::class) interface UserDao { @SqlQuery("SELECT * FROM users") fun

    all(): List<User> @SqlQuery("SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = :user_id") fun findByUserId(@Bind("user_id") userId: String): User? @SqlUpdate("UPDATE users SET user_id = :user_id, fcm_token = :fcm_token WHERE ID = :id") fun updateById(@BindBean user: User): Int @SqlUpdate("INSERT INTO users (user_id, fcm_token) VALUES (:user_id, :fcm_token)") fun insert(@BindBean user: User): Int @SqlUpdate("DELETE FROM users") fun deleteAll(): Int }
  13. Database Migrations // build.gradle plugins { id "org.flywaydb.flyway" version "6.4.0"

    } flyway { url = 'jdbc:h2:file:./clairvoyance_test' user = ‘fulano_de_tal’ }
  14. Database Migrations private fun initFlyway(configuration: BrokerConfiguration) { val database =

    configuration.database Flyway.configure() .dataSource(database.url, database.user, database.password) .load() .migrate() }
  15. Testing @ExtendWith(DropwizardExtensionsSupport::class) class BrokerApplicationTest { private val client = OkHttpClient.Builder().build()

    private val localPort = DROPWIZARD.localPort @Test fun status() { val client = JerseyClientBuilder().build() val result = client .target(“http://localhost:$localPort/status") .request() .get(String::class.java) assertThat(result).isEqualTo("""{"activeSessions":0}""") } companion object { private val DROPWIZARD = DropwizardAppExtension( BrokerApplication::class.java, ResourceHelpers.resourceFilePath("broker.yml") ) } }