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Storyblok: A visual experience

Storyblok: A visual experience

We will talk about Headless CMS, the differences with a Monolithic CMS, goals, and the headless movement goals. We will focus on Storyblok, a CMS with a visual editing experience and highly customizable content blocks for marketers, and a headless architecture that gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms.

Facundo Giuliani

July 26, 2021

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  1. Facundo Giuliani Developer Relations Engineer Full Stack Developer Auth0 Ambassador

    Prisma Ambassador Cloudinary Media Developer Expert Twitter @facundozurdo Web fgiuliani.com
  2. Monolithic CMS vs Headless CMS • Decoupled Frontend and Backend

    • Flexibility • DX and UX are the first class citizens • Omnichannel