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Social Media and You

Social Media and You

Fisayo Afolayan

November 03, 2017

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  1. Social Media and You! Fisayo Afolayan Lagos 2017

  2. Why?

  3. Fastest means of communication in Human History.

  4. The first years of the Internet revolution were all about

    getting computers connected to the World Wide Web. The following years have been all about getting people connected to one another.
  5. What are the Benefits?

  6. Establish personal connection first

  7. Typ in ful.

  8. Broadcast messages?

  9. Creating group chats without consent!

  10. Sending pictures/videos to your contacts!

  11. Type/communicate with a valid purpose

  12. Understand each platforms best practices.

  13. Tagging contacts in pictures/status updates.

  14. Be creative/quality contents.

  15. Don’t be scared to Block contacts.

  16. Thanks.