Working towards great version control for WordPress

Working towards great version control for WordPress

slides for my WordCamp Europe 2013 talk, in Leiden.

As someone who incidentally writes about stuff with other people, I often encounter the same problem. You either email tiny changes to your article to the one who’s ultimately responsible for the website, which is bound to go wrong. Or you log into your CMS, make some changes to your piece and save it, while one of the other editors does the exact same thing, just using another shiny laptop. Changes get lost. Stuff gets added twice and you end up frustrated because the preview doesn’t reflect your work. Now this is annoying as it is, but if you program a bit on the side (like I do) and you use version control, you know that there is a solution for that. I'd love walk you through what I think would make a great version control tool for WordPress and test existing plugins by these requirements.

I use private repo's on GitHub to store my wp-files (not individual posts) and thus use version control for the sites I built with WordPress. And I always have a backup in 'the cloud'. I wish I could do the same for my posts.

Instead of building a GitHub 'for everyone/everything else', I wanted to see what's already out there that connects with WordPress, that I/we can help improve on.

So here we go!


Floor Drees

October 06, 2013