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DevOps with Ansible

DevOps with Ansible

Intro to Devops and Ansible, and how we use it in Trialreach.


Federico Marani

September 17, 2013


  1. DevOps with Ansible Federico Marani - DJUGL Sep ‘13

  2. - First website in Python on Linux in 1998 -

    Startupper Federico Marani - @flagZ Tech Lead at
  3. DevOps - Infrastructure as code - People leave companies Automate

    all the things!
  4. DevOps should not require programming experience

  5. DevOps = SysAdmin 2.0 (ideally keep the one-liners in the

  6. Ansible - Quick to get started - Builds on familiar

    tools - Run commands on ssh
  7. Playbook

  8. Task order is important Example: 1. Install Postgres 2. Create

    db user 3. Create database
  9. Task are idempotent* *can be applied multiple times without changing

    the result beyond the initial application
  10. Handlers commands flagged for later execution (when task caused state

  11. Inventory

  12. batteries included

  13. How do we use it Postgresql PostGIS Solr Nginx Munin

    Rsyslog Postfix Vagrant Memcached Rabbitmq
  14. TIPS

  15. - Use Ansible roles - Use the action with least

    side effects (e.g. prefer “copy” to “template”)
  16. - Keep servers stateless - Do things in the right

    place, either project level or infrastructure level.
  17. Thanks Federico Marani @flagZ Pics by - -