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The Zapier Onboarding Flow

The Zapier Onboarding Flow

This week, I review the Zapier first-time user experience (FTUX), and its 5 steps to help you connect your apps and automate workflows.

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Florent Merian

June 02, 2021

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  1. The Zapier onboarding flow

  2. Overview Step 1. Home. Step 2. Sign up. Step 3.

    About you. Step 5. Welcome to Zapier! Step 4. Your apps. @fmerian
  3. Step 1. Home. @fmerian As a middleware SaaS, Zapier faced

    the challenge of having an "invisible" product.
  4. @fmerian Step 1. Home. To tackle it, Zapier added a

    signup form in its ATF section.
  5. Step 2. Sign up. @fmerian

  6. Step 3. Customize your experience. @fmerian Note the headline highlighting

    the benefits: "Discover ways to automate apps and save time!"
  7. Step 4. What apps do you use? @fmerian You can

    skip this step. For "tailored recommendations," it's better not to.
  8. Step 3 Step 4 @fmerian Two steps to know more

    about you, your job, your company size, and your current tech stack.
  9. Step 5. Welcome to Zapier! @fmerian The Dashboard.

  10. Step 4 Step 5 @fmerian Did you notice? The recommended

    workflows are the results of the data collected in Step 4.
  11. Step 5. Welcome to Zapier! @fmerian This final step shows

    a lot of data. For a more enticing FTUX, it could have been simpler.
  12. Alternative. One extra step. Fewer data. More focus. @fmerian What

    should the user see? Less is more.
  13. Step 2 Sign up. Step 1 Step 3 About you.

    Recap HOME ONBOARDING @fmerian
  14. Step 5 Welcome to Zapier! Step 4 Your apps. Recap

    DASHBOARD @fmerian
  15. Lessons learned.

  16. Sometimes, a signup form is worth a thousand pixels for

    better conversion. @fmerian
  17. Learn more about your users to personalize their experience. Step

    4 Step 5 @fmerian
  18. This week, I review the @Zapier user onboarding flow: 5

    steps to help you connect your apps and automate workflows. Florent Merian @fmerian CLICK TO TWEET 10 21 15 Thanks for reading! Read on 👉 Over to you, what struck you the most in this onboarding experience? Spread the word! @fmerian
  19. I review onboarding experiences from great B2B SaaS companies and

    share how I'd optimize them once a week. One more step