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Titanium #MDS13

Titanium #MDS13

Overview of the Titanium & Appcelerator platform for Mobile Down South 2013 in Eindhoven on June 7th.

Fokke Zandbergen

June 07, 2013

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  1. • What is native? • HTML5 vs native • Titanium

    • Alloy Framework • Appcelerator Platform • Summary • Q&A Titanium
  2. What is native? The myth of native languages “Applications must

    be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine” - iPhone OS 4 beta proposed license (2010) C# C C++ Objective-C JavaScript Ruby Python Lua Scheme Lisp Smalltalk Haskell ActionScript .NET languages ANY language compiled to ARM objects ANY language you write a compiled interpreter for QT
  3. What is native? The myth of compiled languages Would you

    call these inferior? https://github.com/languages
  4. HTML5 vs Native != interpreted PHP HTML/JS/CSS output Machine compilation

    C interpretation input C++ Machine compilation output UI
  5. HTML5 vs Native == web-in-an-app ? UI output Machine compilation

    Objective-C interpretation input Objective-C Machine compilation output UI HTML/JS/CSS
  6. HTML5 vs Native Compared HTML5 Native Web UI Native UI

    Performance bottlenecks Accelerated performance Open data Secured data Slow standards bodies Thousands of API’s No monetization model One-Click-Buy 200+ Browser versions iOS + 28 Android versions Single code base Multiple code base Huge / Cheap expertise Scarce / Expensive expertise Direct distribution Indirect distribution ~ 75.000 apps ~ 1.200.000 apps
  7. Titanium Facts • Multi-platform iOS, Android, Blackberry, Tizen, MobileWeb, Windows

    • Native UI • Thousands of interpretable API’s • Custom API modules marketplace • Single codebase • Titanium Studio IDE • Familiar JavaScript • 465.000+ developers • 185+ countries • 55.000+ apps in public stores • 136.000.000+ devices • NBC, PWC, Mitsubishi, Reuters • imgZine, Snowciety, WappZapp
  8. Titanium Code var window = Ti.UI.createWindow({ backgroundColor: “white” }); var

    label = Ti.UI.createLabel({ color: “black” }); label.addEventListener(“click”, function() { require(“windowTwo”); } ); window.add(label); window.open();
  9. Alloy Framework Benefits • Write up to 50% less code

    • Re-style apps using themes • Re-use code using widgets • Bind abstracted data models • Separate concerns, e.g. design Compilation • Cleans conditional code & assets • Compiles XML and TSS to JS • Compresses JS • Fully integrated in Studio • Widget marketplace coming
  10. Alloy Framework <Alloy> <Window> <Label onClick=”open”>Hello World</Label> </Window> </Alloy> “Window”:

    { backgroundColor: “white” } “Label”: { color: “black” } function open() { require(“windowTwo”); } $.index.open(); views/index.xml controllers/index.js styles/index.tss
  11. Appcelerator Platform Compared Titanium Appcelerator SDK SDK Enterprise Connectors Marketplace

    Marketplace Alloy Alloy Titanium Studio Appcelerator Studio TiShadow LiveView / Code Analyzer / Performance Profiler Automated Tests / Monitoring Flurry / Google Analytics Titanium Cloud Appcelerator Cloud 5M push / 5M API / Client SSL / NodeJS > 10M push / 10M API / Server SSL / NodeJS Best Effort / Community Support 99+ SLA / Live Support http://www.appcelerator.com/plans-pricing/