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We are all Remote Advocates

We are all Remote Advocates

Internal talk for Contentful on my experience as Developer Advocate and working remote for Appcelerator and Zapier.


Fokke Zandbergen

July 11, 2017

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  1. We are all Remote Advocates Contentful, July 2017

  2. Prepared* • Me & My Timeline • We are all

    Advocates: What it Takes and Why it Works • We are all Remote: What is Takes and Why it Works • Zapier: A Fully Remote Company's Team & Tools
  3. Me & My Timeline Working from Home since 2013 •

    2013 - 2014: Freelance Mobile App Developer • 2015 - 2016Q2: Appcelerator Developer Advocate • 2016Q3 - Q4: The Things Network Developer Advocate • 2017 - Present: Zapier Support Engineer
  4. We are all Remote Advocates

  5. WARNING The following slide is just that... a slide

  6. None
  7. "With every question you answer, ask yourself how you could

    prevent it from being asked again."
  8. What it Takes • Empathy for the User • Passion

    for the Product • Independent
  9. Dogfooding... for real

  10. "Think of yourself as a privileged user. You can actually

    fix what you (and others) run into instead of merely working around it."
  11. Ever heard of a secular evangelist?

  12. "There may be only one God, but there are countless

    products. Believe, testify, but never force."
  13. None
  14. "Wake up to make the world a better place, not

    to clock in or finish chores."
  15. Why it Works

  16. We are all Remote Advocates

  17. What it Takes Async FTW • Document Everything, but don't

    write Novels • Embrace the Cloud • Break it Down • Deploy with Confidence
  18. "If you find yourself waiting for answers, then you're doing

    remote work wrong."
  19. Why it Works For your Company • We are all

    Remote: Nobody can read your thought or (should be able to) access your files. • 24h DevOps, Support and Engineering out of the box.
  20. Why it Works For You • Once you remote, you

    can work anywhere, for anyone. • Less commute, more time... for work as well as family. • Create your ideal work environment, at home or elsewhere.
  21. Zapier makes you happier :)

  22. None
  23. Zapier Team

  24. Zapier Team

  25. Zapier Team

  26. Zapier Team

  27. Zapier Team

  28. Zapier Values • Default to Action • Default to Transparency

    • Be Specific • Empathy, No Ego • Don't be a Robot, Build the Robot
  29. Zapier Habbits • Friday Updates: What you'd have standups for.

    • Pair Buddies: What you'd have lunch for. • All Hands Hangout: What you'd have drinks for. • Retreats: What you'd have Casual Friday for.
  30. Zapier Books zapier.com/learn

  31. Thank you The is yours!