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DevFest2020 - How to Optimize Cost on Cloud

DevFest2020 - How to Optimize Cost on Cloud

How to Optimize Cost on Cloud
By Fon, Kamolphan Liwprasert

Presented at DevFest2020 event up by Google Developer Group (GDG) on Oct 25th, 2020 at AIS DC, Bangkok.

Kamolphan Liwprasert

October 25, 2020

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  1. 1. Why we need to optimize cloud cost 💸 2.

    Choose the right services 🚀 3. Demo: Cloud Functions with Compute Engine API 🌧 + ☀ = 🌈 4. Other tips to save the cost 🏦 5. Summary 🍓 Agenda
  2. Google Compute Engine GCE Virtual Machine Google Kubernetes Engine GKE

    Managed K8s cluster Google Cloud Run Serverless container Google App Engine GAE Serverless application platform Google Cloud Functions GCF Serverless functions IAAS : Infrastructure as a service CAAS : Container as a service PAAS : Platform as a service FAAS : Function as a service Compute Services
  3. Storage object Lifecycle cannot be undeleted. Delete Multi-Regional Storage/ Regional

    Storage Nearline Storage Coldline Storage Archive Storage OR
  4. 1. Persistence Disk (even VM is not started) => Always

    start small, and resize later 2. Reserved IP addresses 3. Minimize egress network 4. . . . 5. Delete unused projects What can be a cost:
  5. 0. Free Tier 🎉 1. Choose the right service 🚀

    2. Turn off when not using it 💡 3. Add Storage Lifecycle ♻ 4. Delete when not using it (anymore) 🗑⛔ 5. Add label to resources 🏷 Tips:
  6. Thank you! 😃 Feedback is a gift 🎁 bit.ly/ feedback-form-fon

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