Oh Dear (PHP Gent)

Oh Dear (PHP Gent)


Freek Van der Herten

November 20, 2018


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    Freek Van der Herten Partner & developer at Spatie @freekmurze

    Blogging at https://murze.be
 Side project: https://ohdear.app About me
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    Oh Dear! Website monitoring SaaS https://ohdear.app Checks uptime, SSL certificates,

    mixed content, broken links Heavily customized Laravel Spark application Sideproject by Mattias Geniar and me What?
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    Oh Dear! Launched February 2018 More than 120 million checks

    performed ± 200 paying customers ± 1 500 EUR monthly revenue What?
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    Oh Dear! Other tools either: • do too much •

    confusing • ugly • expensive Why?
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    Oh Dear! Oh Dear! aims to be • beautiful, easy

    to use • no feature bloat • built with companies like Spatie in mind • easy price structure Pro-tip: build something for yourself Why?
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    Oh Dear! Competitors There are a lot of competitors out

    there Doesn't really matter Finding your audience Pro-tip: focus on what your audience finds important
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    Oh Dear! Already had a lot of things in the

    open source space First meetings in August of 2017 Started building September 2017 Pro-tip: start a mailing list Process
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    Oh Dear! First working version late November 2017 Tested with

    sites belonging to Spatie & Nucleus customers Invited some close friends Launched in beta February 2018 About 10% - 15% conversion from our mailing list Pro-tip: don't be afraid to launch Launch
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    Oh Dear! Dividing the workload Mattias: SSL knowledge + customer

    support Freek: coding Laravel Spark took care of the boring stuff Design: outsourced to Spatie Pro-tip: team up with someone Process
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    Oh Dear! Mailing list Discount codes Code snippets on Twitter

    Doing talks Blogging Pro-tip: provide value in your marketing Marketing
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    Oh Dear! Main web server at Nucleus Uptime sattelites: DO

    and Vultr servers Sentry Gmail GitLab Pro-tip: use services you know and love Services used
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    Future plans No new checks Bring documentation to the next

    level Crawlers running on satellite servers
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