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note iOSチームの自動化 ver.2021/automation_with_iOS_team_on_note_ver2021

December 17, 2021

note iOSチームの自動化 ver.2021/automation_with_iOS_team_on_note_ver2021

【オンライン開催】YUMEMI.swift #14 〜今年の振り返り〜で発表してきた資料です。
note の iOS チームで進めている自動化のアップデートについてお話ししました。
・リリースノートを検討するPull Requestを手軽に作成したい


December 17, 2021

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  1. $JSDMF$*ͰIPUGJY\/&95@7&34*0/^SFMFBTF@OPUFϒϥϯνΛ࡞੒ - &create_release_note_from_ci - checkout - *attach_workspace - run: name:

    "create branch for release note" command: | NEXT_VERSION=<< pipeline.parameters.next_version >> BRANCH=<< pipeline.git.branch >> if [ "$NEXT_VERSION" = "" ]; then NEXT_VERSION=${BRANCH##*/} fi echo $NEXT_VERSION git reset --hard HEAD git config user.email “[email protected]“ git config user.name “Example User Name” NEW_BRANCH_NAME="hotfix/${NEXT_VERSION}/release_note" if [[ -n `git ls-remote --heads origin ${NEW_BRANCH_NAME}` ]]; then echo "Branch name $NEW_BRANCH_NAME already exists." else echo "Branch name $NEW_BRANCH_NAME not exists." git checkout -b $NEW_BRANCH_NAME echo "for ${NEXT_VERSION}" >> ./fastlane/metadata/en-US/release_notes.txt git add . git commit -m "[ci skip] [auto commit] update release note" git push origin hotfix/${NEXT_VERSION}/release_note curl -X POST -d "version=${NEXT_VERSION}" https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/999999/XXXXXX/ fi (JU)VCʹϒϥϯν͕͋Δ͔ ແ͚Ε͹ϒϥϯνΛ࡞੒ ద౰ͳमਖ਼ΛՃ͑ͯ1VTI ;BQJFS͔Β1VMM3FRVFTUΛ࡞੒ Ͱ࡞ͬͨ63-Λୟ͘