Are Apps The Future of TV?

Are Apps The Future of TV?

As Apple announced the latest iteration of their Apple TV box, they loudly proclaimed "We believe the future of television is apps". With a worldwide user base bought into the concept of apps, there's no doubt that trailblazing TV apps will get a fair few downloads from early adopters and clients will start asking for their brand to have a TV app.

Drawing on my experience of designing and launching apps for the iPhone and the Apple Watch, and on the wider experiences of the Webcredible design team, this presentation covers:

What are the peculiarities of Apple TV as a platform?
What else is there really to do on TV beyond watching video and playing games?
What should you consider when designing apps for a brand new platform?

Presented at the UX Crunch meetup at Webcredible on 12 November 2015.


Alexander Baxevanis

November 12, 2015