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Become a TDF Member

Become a TDF Member

My lightning talk in OpenSUSE Asia 2017 (and LibreOffice mini Conference Japan 2017), talking about how and why to become a TDF member.

Franklin Weng

October 21, 2017

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  1. Become a TDF Member 2017. 10. 21 Franklin Weng Member,

    The Document Foundation LibreOffice Migration Professional / Certified Trainer Member, The Certification Committee, TDF President, BoD, Software Liberty Association Taiwan
  2. Just like you all,

  3. I'm a FOSS enthusiastic.

  4. We all wish to make people understand

  5. The beauty of Free and Open Source Software

  6. For digital documents,

  7. We all wish to make people understand

  8. They have the freedom to choose what software to use

  9. As long as under a stable, open spec, and international

    standard document format
  10. No doubt, the best choice for document file format is

    of course...
  11. Open Document Format

  12. (If you don't know why, Please come to my talk

    at the Main Room at 11:15 tomorrow.)
  13. And IMO, under the ODF, the best choice of office

    suite is...
  14. None
  15. Maybe you'll think that cloud solution should be the one

  16. But remember,

  17. "There's no cloud. It's just someone else's computer."

  18. Anyway, desktop office suite still plays an important role.

  19. (And don't argue with me now, or I can't go

    on. OK?)
  20. (If you really want to argue, Please come to my

    talk at the Main Room at 11:15 tomorrow.)
  21. We all contribute to all kinds of FOSS in a

    variety of ways
  22. Marketing

  23. Documentation

  24. Coding, Debugging

  25. Translating

  26. Quality Assurance

  27. Why?

  28. To get satisfaction

  29. To make the world better!

  30. How to become a TDF member?

  31. It's very easy --

  32. Just keep contributing to LibreOffice

  33. On a regular basis, In any forms

  34. Marketing

  35. Documentation

  36. Coding, Debugging

  37. Translating

  38. Quality Assurance

  39. What's the benefit of Becoming a TDF member?

  40. Have much fun

  41. Get satisfaction

  42. Get certifications and make the ecosystem better

  43. To elect and be elected as members of BoD

  44. (Oh, just to tell you, the election is tomorrow coming

  45. (If you need more detail, Please come to my talk

    at the Main Room at 11:15 tomorrow.)
  46. And furthermore...

  47. Get travel support!

  48. By the way,

  49. You can also get jobs as a TDF employee or

  50. Doing marketing

  51. Documentation

  52. Coding, Debugging

  53. Translating

  54. Quality Assurance

  55. What are you waiting for?

  56. Come and Join us! http://tdf.io/beamember/