Your QA Should Be Your BFF

Your QA Should Be Your BFF

Developers and QA have historically had an adversarial relationship, but it doesn’t have to be that way! In this talk we’ll go through the various reasons that developers hate QA, why some of those perceptions exist, and how to remedy them so that developers and QA can work better together and maybe even get along! Attendees will take away ideas to help their teams work together more efficiently by understanding where their QA are coming from, helping to level them up, and hopefully getting along better!
– Great Lakes Area .NET User Group (Southfield, MI 8/13) – lightning talk
– DetroitDevDay Conference (Detroit, MI 11/15)
– Ann Arbor .Net Developers User Group (Ann Arbor, MI 6/8/16)
– CodeStock Conference (Knoxville, TN 5/5-6/17)
– Desert Code Camp (Chandler, AZ 10/14/17)
– KCDC (Kansas City, MO 7/12/18)
– THAT Conference (Wisconsin Dells, WI 8/6/18)



July 12, 2018