Speaker Deck

Learn how to build Functional Reactive Applications with Elm, Node.js and Infinispan

by Galder Zamarreño

Published October 28, 2016 in Programming

Developers aim to write responsive, scalable, fault tolerant, reactive applications to can handle the business needs of the modern web applications without hiccups. This talk shows you how to do just that! And to add a twist, we will do it in (pure) functional style.

Node.js is a very popular framework for developing asynchronous, event-driven, reactive applications. Infinispan, an in-memory distributed data grid designed for fast, scalable, elastic access to large volumes of data, has recently gained compatibility with the Node.js ecosystem enabling reactive applications to use it as persistence layer. When combined with Elm, a functional programming language for declaratively creating reactive web applications, these technologies offer a great platform for working with highly responsive, data-heavy applications seamlessly. In this live-coding talk, we will demonstrate how to use these technologies to build a reactive web application composed of an Elm frontend, a Node.js microservice layer and a scalable, fault tolerant Infinispan data grid for persistence.