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ER&L Keynote panel: Values-Driven Negotiation Program

ER&L Keynote panel: Values-Driven Negotiation Program

Scarlet Galvan

March 28, 2022

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  1. Values-Driven Negotiation Program Scarlet Galvan | Collection Strategist | ER&L

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  5. Authentication Rights Access Metadata Discovery Content

  6. How does licensing impact those values? • accessibility standards •

    alumni privileges • post-cancellation access • author rights • course packs, LMS • IR depositing • scholarly sharing • reuse of figures and tables • resource sharing • text and data mining • privacy • advertising
  7. High level process: where to start? Implementation and testing Cross-departmental

    planning Determine values (written vs lived) Meet with General Counsel
  8. What does the library value? Integrity Inquiry Inclusiveness Community Sustainability

  9. Mapping terms to values Term Value Nondisclosure Agreement Integrity Accessibility

    Inclusiveness Modification Community Incident Notification Innovation Audits Inquiry
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  11. Taking out silos, one brick at a time • How

    do the limits of a particular resource impact pedagogy? • Moving away from passive reception of platforms • Surfacing labor—time spent reconciling issues matters
  12. Results! • Stronger position at the table, with organizational buy-in

    for the process • More engagement from faculty and staff outside collections • Over $100k redirected from existing contracts meet user needs
  13. Next steps • Consortia and other multiple-institution level organization •

    SPARC Community of Practice: Stakeholder Engagement Working Group • Long term coordination in shared governance around tenure and promotion guidelines and OA, OER
  14. Thank you! galvansc@gvsu.edu @panoptigoth asgalvan.com for follow-up and additional resources.