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Collections As Culture

Collections As Culture

Slides from my portion of ACRL Presents: "Cultures of Collecting: Sustaining Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Collection Development"

Scarlet Galvan

June 02, 2021

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  1. I’m Scarlet Galvan Area Lead for Assessment and Planning Collection

    Strategist Librarian Grand Valley State University Libraries @panoptigoth Hello! 2
  2. Initial projects ◉ What are our values? ◉ Rewriting the

    Collection Development Policy ◉ How to evaluate resources? ◉ Deal breakers and vendor expectations ◉ Licensing terms 5
  3. “ We recognize that none of the metrics, benchmarks, or

    tools used to evaluate, arrange, and describe the collection are free from bias. Library faculty and staff work on individual and systemic levels to address those biases. (GVSU Collection Development Policy, 2021) 7
  4. 8

  5. 9 A note on DDA/PDA The amazing thing about DDA/PDA

    programs is they’ve automated part of our acquisitions process. The terrible thing about DDA/PDA programs is they’ve automated part of our acquisitions process.
  6. 10 Evaluating automated acquisitions ◉ Borrowing tools from critical pedagogy

    to study tools and systems, see Morris and Stommel, 2017. ◦ Who owns the tool? ◦ What does it claim to do? ◦ What does it actually do?
  7. 11

  8. 12

  9. “ We are advocating for an understanding that one cannot

    be considered to have subject-matter expertise if one cannot position their field within a sociopolitical context. (Sensoy & DiAngelo, 2017) 14
  10. Next steps ◉ In-depth curricular mapping ◉ Microgrants for teaching

    faculty ◉ Movement through shared governance ◉ Strategic work in AP&T guidelines ◉ Evaluation and assessment ◉ Deeper engagement with students 15