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The talisman dashboard

Scarlet Galvan
February 01, 2022

The talisman dashboard

Keynote address to Electronic Resources Minnesota, 2022.

Scarlet Galvan

February 01, 2022

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  1. Acknowledgement & Thanks Galadriel Chilton, Amy Tureen, Dorothea Salo, Abigail

    Goben, Shannon Mattern, Cara Cadena, Terry Reese, Sarah Lamdan, Nick Shockey, and so many others! Thank you: John Kromer, Arizona State University Libraries, and the 2022 Electronic Resources Minnesota Planning Committee. 2
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  5. Some very broad definitions Talisman: protective object aligned with a

    specific intent Esoteric: highly specialized knowledge Occult: hidden or secret Magic: the collection and application of power 7
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  11. “ Today’s talismans manifest not as rings or stones but

    as glowing screens. (Mattern, 2021) 14
  12. 15 gate count things compliance Maintaining Hours Time Relationships impact

    messy growth Everything we couldn’t do that was in scope
  13. Who benefits from this framing of value and impact? What

    happens when ‘value’ has a definition that doesn’t encompass the unseen, infrastructure, and support? 16
  14. How might we frame ‘magical’ work differently? What happens when

    ‘value’ has a definition that doesn’t encompass the unseen, infrastructure, and support? 17
  15. “ [Magic has] two distinct phases, the first one concentrating

    on gathering in power, the second on releasing it. (Waterman, 2017) 18
  16. Works Cited The Alchemist. David Teniers the Younger, 1671. Public

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  18. Credits I am not a designer by training, so these

    people and resources help: ◎ SlidesCarnival for presentations ◎ Noun Project for icons 21