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Value Based Resource Licensing

Value Based Resource Licensing

Overview of early work at GVSU Libraries to create value-based license review program.

Scarlet Galvan

October 21, 2019

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  1. Value Based Resource Licensing Scarlet Galvan | Collection Strategist Librarian

    Grand Valley State University Libraries Michigan Academic Library Association eResource Interest Group October 21, 2019
  2. 2

  3. What is a license, anyway? • The License: defines permitted

    uses that might otherwise infringe a 3rd party’s copyrights. • The Contract: defines roles, responsibilities, obligations and what happens when one party breaches or violates them. (Emmet, 2018) 3
  4. This means what we value, and how we work are

    defined by the agreement. 4
  5. How does licensing impact those values? accessibility standards alumni privileges

    post-cancellation access author rights course packs and learning management systems scholarly sharing permission to reuse figures and tables resource sharing text and data mining user privacy advertising 7
  6. Mapping values to specific clauses License term Value Nondisclosure Agreements

    Integrity, Innovation, Community Indemnification and Warranties Integrity, Inquiry, Sustainability Accessibility Inclusiveness, Integrity, Community Incident Notification Innovation, Integrity, Community Audits Integrity, Inquiry Modification Integrity, Community 8
  7. Things to establish • Workflows: How do we want to

    review? • Tracking effort: How to measure this? • Deal breakers: What are we willing to walk away from? • Skill survey: Who knows what? • Communication plan • Library staff • Shared governance concerns • Existing committees 9
  8. Early deal breakers at GVSU • Jurisdiction: No, we’re not

    going to the Netherlands. • Audits: Gross. • Indemnification: Not responsible for our users. • Non disclosure agreements. • Accessibility requirements • Privacy, advertisements. 10
  9. Getting help • LIBLICENSE: Licensing Digital Content • EDUCAUSE: Sample

    clauses on Notification of Security Incidents; Indemnification as a Result of a Security Breach; Data Protection After Contract Termination. • Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Management; Verminski, Blanchat. • California Digital Library resources: https://cdlib.org/services/collections/licensed/toolkit/ • Iowa: Principles for Advancing Openness through Journal Negotiations 11