Text summarization Phase 1 evaluation 2

Text summarization Phase 1 evaluation 2

Phase 2 evaluation of text summarization final year project under professor U.A. Deshpande in collaboration with TCS presentation.

In phase 2 we studied how word embeddings are calculated to represent any arbitrary word in a fixed length numerical vector (CBOW and Skip-gram). Read about skip-thought architecture and GRU's.

Made a basic prototype of text summarization using k-means clustering which gives 60% to 75% of accuracy as compared with BBC news data set (example can be found in the slides).

Phase 1 presentation: https://speakerdeck.com/gautamabhishek46/text-summarization-phase-1-evaluation

Abhishek Gautam
Atharva Parwatkar
Sharvil Nagarkar

Professor in-charge: U. A. Deshpande
TCS Mentor : Dr. Sagar Sunkle


Abhishek Gautam

December 01, 2018