Innovating Cloud Service Delivery at a Global Enterprise

Innovating Cloud Service Delivery at a Global Enterprise

Martin Etmajer takes you on his journey working with a global top 10 life sciences company, where he instills Agile and Lean values, and where he’s heading up the modernization of traditional infrastructure provisioning to arrive at a high-quality, compliant and fully automated hybrid cloud delivery process with their newly-established Cloud Center of Excellence. In this presentation, you’ll discover how the team has come to understand the big picture of ‘what’ they want to build and ‘why’ using a practice named User Story Mapping. He also covers why ‘starting out simple and learning what you actually need’ using a Lean composition of open source technology fosters innovation better than a so-called one-fits-all solutions, and how they're applying principles and practices from Agile Software Development to enable automated testing of their infrastructure (as code) - whether on-premises or in the cloud.



October 06, 2018