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Node.js Contributor Workshop

Node.js Contributor Workshop

CCOSS 2019


Giovanny Gongora

September 15, 2019

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  1. Node.js Contributor Workshop @CCOSS - 2019

  2. • 10:00 - Introduction to Projects • 10:30 - Project

    Landscape • 11:30 - Break • 12:30 - Environment Setup • 13:00 - Lunch • 14:30 - Contribution Hackathon • 18:00 - Party
  3. Giovanny Gongora @Gioyik

  4. –Tierney Cyren @bitandbang “ there's a place for you to

    contribute to Node.js no matter your skillset ”
  5. nodejs.dev

  6. Introduction

  7. My experience with OSS

  8. TOR Project

  9. Mozilla

  10. Node.js

  11. Project Landscape

  12. Contributor Path

  13. Asking for General Help

  14. Reporting an Issue

  15. Code Contributions

  16. Becoming a collaborator

  17. The Node.js OpenJS Foundation

  18. The OpenJS Foundation is governed by a board consisting of

    corporate members, an Individual Membership Director, a TSC Director, and a CommComm Director. In total, 5 committees within the Foundation – the TSC, the CommComm, the Legal Committee, the Marketing Committee and the Finance Committee.
  19. TSC The Node.js Technical Steering Committee, a top-level committee in

    the OpenJS Foundation tasked with technical stewardship of the project as a whole.
  20. CommComm The Node.js Community Committee, a top-level committee in the

    OpenJS Foundation tasked with outward facing work and community relations.
  21. WG Working Group, a group with independent governance and ownership

    of a specific task or domain.
  22. Initiative and Team These are groups that aren't independently chartered

    but have some form of ownership over a task or domain. Initiative is used in the CommComm and TSC, while Team is only used by the TSC.
  23. Working Groups are a concept under the TSC but not

    the Community Committee. They have formal, independent charters just like the TSC and CommComm. Initiatives and Teams are concepts in both the TSC and CommComm, and are almost identical to Working Groups in practice, with the critical difference of not being independently chartered.
  24. Contribute to WS, Initiatives and Teams

  25. Package Maintenance

  26. i18n - Internationalization

  27. Automation Team

  28. CITGM

  29. Benchmarking WG

  30. Release Team

  31. Community Committee

  32. Upcoming: Website Redesign and i18n

  33. Core Effectively the nodejs/node repo.

  34. Governance Node.js leans very heavily on open governance. The project

    itself has a GOVERNANCE.md that dictates how the project is governed, but there are additional GOVERNANCE.md files throughout the GitHub organization for different groups – like the CommComm – which have independent governance.
  35. Contribute with Content

  36. Documentation

  37. Guides

  38. Node.js Collection

  39. Contributing Through Automation

  40. It's also worth noting that Node.js follows a global Code

    of Conduct, so if you are interested in participating be sure to give it a read.
  41. Environment Setup

  42. Check per project dependencies

  43. Contributor Hackathon

  44. Let’s go!

  45. Thanks for joining

  46. Hope to see you again

  47. Giovanny Gongora @Gioyik