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Time for Growth

Time for Growth

The journey towards growing a tech career in both personal & professional contexts

HackdoConf 2018


Giovanny Gongora

June 09, 2018

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  1. Time for Growth The journey towards growing a tech career

    in both personal & professional contexts
  2. What's this all about?

  3. Story time • I started to learn about computers when

    I was 10 years old • I enjoyed to download and install software in my computer just for fun. I had 2 CD towers full of "legal" software • I wanted to learn how to create software when I was 12 years old • Ended creating a Linux distro when I was 15 years old
  4. But why? What was the purpose of spend time learning

    things I did't understood at first?
  5. It's a matter of passion and make the difference

  6. How do I get experience when I have no experience?

  7. • Contribute to OSS • Join/create a meetup • Start

    an small project around something you find interesting • firsttimersonly.com
  8. Story time • Spent 3 years contributing to Mozilla on

    many areas • The main focus was to learn as much as I could • My first experience with a startup
  9. Learning by yourself is hard... if you want to make

    your way alone
  10. • Don't be afraid to fail • Read other people

    code • Ask, ask, ask, ask and yeah... ask. • Enjoy the journey
  11. Ready to get a job or already working?

  12. Never think your previous knowledge about something is not enough

    to get a job
  13. Being a Junior doesn't make you less prepared or to

    deserve a job
  14. Impostor syndrome

  15. • I am a mediocre developer • I google the

    simplest things all of the time • I do not trust myself • Why am I here in first place?
  16. It's a problem of focus

  17. So, what about when I reach a goal?

  18. Try to stay on top of where you're working, and

    explore your interests
  19. Don't try to do your best, give everything and more

    to what you do Thanks Julian Duque "
  20. So, when is the time to grow?

  21. So, when is the time to grow? Right now

  22. Thanks Giovanny Gongora @Gioyik

  23. One more thing