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DevOps, Desktop IT and Odd Socks (Perth DevOps 12 June 2014)

Aac3dafaab7a7c2063d2526ba5936305?s=47 Glenn
June 12, 2014

DevOps, Desktop IT and Odd Socks (Perth DevOps 12 June 2014)

Originally entitled "DevOps and Desktop IT make Strange bedfellows".
The Desktop Support and Engineering teams in enterprises have been automating their application packaging and deployment infrastructure for nearly a decade and are very customer focused. What can Desktop IT and DevOps learn from each other and how can they contribute to each other’s success?

This is my first presentation to an external audience on this topic, so my slides may need more work if I do this again.



June 12, 2014

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  1. DevOps, Desktop IT and Odd Socks

  2. Glenn Sarti • 14 years in Desktop Engineering and IT

    Navy, Government, Mining, Finance • Half Developer, half Ops • Last 8 months learning DevOps and tools
  3. None
  4. DevOps It’s all about servers and applications

  5. DevOps Is it only about servers and applications?

  6. What does Enterprise Desktop IT look like?

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  8. 2010 2011 2012 2013 Application Installs Desktops Builds Some stats…

    684K 4,606 1.3M 8,962 947K 8,788  7,502
  9. An application install every 24 seconds A desktop build started

    every 57 minutes
  10. • Cross skilled • Customer centric • Desktop IT is

    ubiquitous • D.R.Y. and W.A.L. Culture of Desktop IT
  11. So what can Desktop IT offer DevOps?

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  13. So what can DevOps offer Desktop IT? *

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  15. • Long time between releases • Have version history but

    no control • Lots of moving parts PXE, WDS, SYSPREP , GPO, AD, DNS, DHCP , SCCM etc. Current Challenges
  16. Treat the desktop build like an application

  17. Continuous Delivery of Desktop

  18. Continuous Delivery of Desktop Version Control

  19. Continuous Delivery of Desktop Continuous Integration

  20. Continuous Delivery of Desktop Quality Gates

  21. Continuous Delivery of Desktop Automation

  22. Continuously Delivered Desktop

  23. Other DevOps lessons… • Use CM tools to build Desktop

    Infrastructure • Gather metrics for desktop unit and infrastructure performance • DevOps is thriving in the Windows eco system
  24. The future of Desktop IT

  25. None
  26. Questions…

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