Offline First – Made Simple!

Offline First – Made Simple!

Have you ever tried to send a tweet in the subway? Access your cloud-stored
notes while your train enters tunnel? Tried to get a navigation route

We can't keep building apps with the desktop mindset of permanent, fast
connectivity, where a temporary disconnection or slow service is regarded
as a problem and communicated as an error. The rise of mobile devices don't
provide that same level of quality and consistency, but at the same time
drive the expectations of ubiquitous data, across all devices.

The good news is: all the technology is here today, there is no reason not
to make your apps work offline. Neither are the problems unique to your
application. Generic solutions like Hoodie allow developers to build
excellent user experiences that deliver in the face of network

Today's apps should work offline per default, not as an exception. This
talk explains how.


Gregor Martynus

April 24, 2014