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Creating Inviting Communities

Creating Inviting Communities

How to bring people together who would love to participate but often don’t know how on the one side, and maintainers who appreciate every kind of contribution on the other? There seems to be a big gap, because if there is one thing we learned at Hoodie (http://hood.ie) & the JS Conf family (http://jsconf.com), both sides exist, but we are still figuring out how bring them together


Gregor Martynus

March 04, 2016


  1. Inviting Communities Closing the gap between open source communities and

    contributors @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  2. Hi, I’m Gregor @gr2m @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  3. Hi, I’m Gregor Both-End developer. Unsatisfied with status quo of

    how we build apps @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  4. Hi, I’m Gregor Both-End developer. Unsatisfied with status quo of

    how we build apps So I started Hoodie with some friends1 1 hood.ie/community @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  5. Hoodie Say hi to Low-Profile Dog2 2 http://hood.ie/animals#low-profile-dog @gr2m |

    BostonJS March’16
  6. Hoodie Happy Birthday ! 3 3 http://hood.ie/blog/happy-birthday-hoodie.html @gr2m | BostonJS

  7. people — contributing projects — contributors @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  8. But @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  9. ! Where do I start? ! Is it safe? !

    Can I do this? ⌛ Is it worth it? @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  10. “Maybe the dream of every OSS maintainer is write something

    that gets zero issues and zero pull requests. Maybe that dream is dumb.”4 4 https://twitter.com/nolanlawson/status/704145814181027841 @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  11. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  12. Let’s change this. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  13. Let’s change fix this. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  14. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  15. We can do better than this. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  16. What works. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  17. Optimise for (new) contributors, not your today’s self. @gr2m |

    BostonJS March’16
  18. Code of Conduct Safety is non-negotiable. contributor-covenant.org @gr2m | BostonJS

  19. Simple setup # Keep it simple git clone git@github.com:hoodiehq/hoodie.git cd

    hoodie npm install npm test @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  20. small modules > big monoliths. Split up code into smaller

    modules. Don’t require contributors to learn the whole thing before they can start contributing. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  21. Test all the things, with 100% coverage. Accept contributions fast

    & with confidence Contributors ❤ it. Your fellow maintainers ❤ it. Your future self ❤ it. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  22. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  23. release instantly. Use semantic-release5 to automate releases `fix: …` 1.0.0

    -> 1.0.1 `feat: …` 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0 `BREAKING CHANGE: …` 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0 Use Greenkeeper6 to automate dependency updates 6 http://greenkeeper.io/ 5 https://github.com/semantic-release/semantic-release @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  24. Roll the red carpet for contributors @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  25. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  26. Imagine our community tools were as good as for code.

    What a wonderful tech world this could be. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16
  27. Do good and talk about it @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  28. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  29. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  30. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  31. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  32. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  33. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  34. Thank you. @gr2m | BostonJS March’16

  35. see also · yourfirstpr.github.io · firsttimersonly.com · up-for-grabs.net · 24pullrequests.com

    · hood.ie/blog/starter-issues.html · Initiatives: Google summer of Code, Railsgirls Summer of Code @gr2m | BostonJS March’16