Accessibility rocks! (UXcamp Europe 2016)

Accessibility rocks! (UXcamp Europe 2016)

Accessibility (sometimes abbreviated as a11y) means that content should be available to everyone and that functionality could be operated by everyone. This session aims to raise awareness of this topic, as Ian Devlin says, “The 11 in a11y stands for the number of times you have to tell developers that accessibility is important.” Add “and designers and product managers.”
To bear accessibility in mind does not mean to design for just a small minority (eg. blind users). Everyone can have visual, motor, hearing, or cognitive impairments—be it temporary, permanent, or situational. Everyone benefits from accessible web pages/applications.
In this session, we’ve discussed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), tools like color contrast checkers, and how to build an accessible form with HTML by just following some basic rules.
Because it’s your job! Even if your stakeholders are not yet convinced that accessibility is important, follow Léonie Watson’s advice: “Just go ahead and do it anyway!” Because as Tim Berners-Lee said, “This is for everyone!”


Gunnar Bittersmann

June 25, 2016