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Rebuilding Trust in Government through Open Source Governance

Rebuilding Trust in Government through Open Source Governance

A presentation about citizen and government engagement through open source governance.

This deck was used at the DevRelCon Tokyo 2021.

You can watch my presentation on Youtube.


Haruyuki Seki

June 05, 2021

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  1. Hal Seki, Founder of Code for Japan. Twitter: hal_sk Rebuilding

    Trust in Government through Open Source Governance
  2. Chief Innovation Officer Hal Seki Kobe city Create a collaborative

    field for diverse people using open technologies.
 Twitter: hal_sk
 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Digital Transformation Fellow Executive Adviser for Chief Information Officer Hamamatsu city Fellow Nishiawakura villege Chief Information Officer
  3. Twitter: @hal_sk Twitter: @hal_sk

  4. Twitter: @hal_sk Twitter: @hal_sk

  5. None
  6. Does technology really make people happier? 🤔

  7. None
  8. Conflicts Gov. Citizen Working together Social Issues

  9. The network is people

  10. 80+ local ‘Code for’

  11. 14 Governing members and 17 affiliates

  12. Community activities

  13. Why open source way can build trust with the government

    and citizens? 🤝
  14. Cathedral & the Bazaar Eric S. Raymond

  15. Cathedral Bazaar Top down Precisely planning Centralized Long release period

    Vulnerable to change Difficult to contribute Bottom up Frequently upgraded Self-disciplined small groups Continuously development Strong to change Users can contribute
  16. COVID19 changed the world... Get rid of hanko seals Local

    government system standarization Remote work Citizen’s digital ID (Mynumber cards)
  17. Various activities born under the COVID19. Dashboards Search app Idea

    gathering NPO support
  18. None
  19. None
  20. Many contributions from the world Thank you, contributors! ❤ In

    the 3 weeks, We’ve got 750 issues and 671 were closed by 224 contributors.
  21. None
  22. ex. Accessibility Issues 20 issues (threads) that are related accessibility.

  23. 60 million page views

  24. Cloned by civic communities/govs

  25. Spreading to the whole Japan

  26. Investing open source software will strengthen the intellectual capital in

    society. Govenment Service Tools Companies Citizens Open-sourced tools Companies $ Publish Reuse Improve ment Contribution Reuse Develop Use Operate
  27. Many of articles were created by citizens

  28. None
  29. None
  30. 10代、20代が大活躍中!

  31. Civictech Challenge Cup 2021 Civictech Accelerator Program https://ccc2021.code4japan.org/ https://cap.code4japan.org/

  32. Social Technology Officer 

  33. Chat bot for NPO that supports needy people

  34. None
  35. DIY components Citizen collaborative toolkit Local facilitation supporters Matching workshops/platform

    Citizen participately platform Playbooks, case studies City OS, data catalog
  36. Citizen Participatory Platform Policy making Participatory planning Dibates Participatory Budgeting

    Initiatives Communication board An open source citizen engagement tool
  37. Citizen Participately Platform Using Decidim

  38. Offline workshop with citizens
 7 teams discussed the ideal city

    in the future

  39. Kakogawa Decidim statistics as of Jan. 5

 Citizen : others
 Max comments in one topic 
 Smartphone access

  40. FIWARE based data exchange platform
 We will provide a data

    exchagne platform to Hamatsu city.

  41. We are hiring infra engineer!

  42. Local gov. Local gov. Local gov. Local gov. Local gov.

    Local gov. National Gov. citizen Creating services with the citizens, make it open, and share with other local governments. citizen citizen citizen citizen
  43. So, is there something I can start? 🧐

  44. Start with... • Join Slack! • Find local code for

    and join it! • Join Social Hack Day! • Join other events! https://note.com/kjinnouchi/n/ne6681ec83da6
  45. Social Hack Day

  46. Technology makes people happier, if we use it correctly. 🙂

  47. To leave a better future for the next generation. Twitter:

    @hal_sk CfJ Slack: https://cfjslackin.herokuapp.com/ CfJ email: info@code4japan.org