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What the Civic Tech Community Can Do to Improve Government and Public Trust

What the Civic Tech Community Can Do to Improve Government and Public Trust

Hal Seki, a founder of Code for Japan, the largest civic tech community in Japan, explained the challenges of the existing governance model in Japan in the case of COVID19.
Then he introduces a new governance model called Agile Governance that METI proposes.
Also, he shows a concrete example of how civic-tech communities can foster trust between citizens and governments.

Haruyuki Seki

May 14, 2022

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  1. Hal Seki, Founder of Code for Japan. Twitter: hal_sk What

    the Civic Tech Community Can Do to Improve Government and Public Trust
  2. Hal Seki creates a collaborative field for diverse people using

    open technologies.
 Twitter: hal_sk
 Japan Project Manager (Open Government) Founder
  3. Data: John Hopkins University 70% got second vaccines First state

    of emergency Second state of emergency third vaccine started Total cases: 8.26 million Deaths: 29,971
  4. Citizen rights vs public welfare Lockdown Wearing masks Leisure facilities,

    restaurant, events Discrimination Disinformationn The government declared a state of emergency. But enforcement was weak. There are no legal punishments if someone does not wear a mask. The government only requested cooperation with facilities in exchange for allowances. In the initial stage, some discrimination against COVID19 patients occurred. There are no laws and regulations specifically regulating disinformation.
  5. Limitations of traditional governance models ① Challenges regarding rule-making ②

    Challenges regarding monitoring ③ Issues regarding the scope of geographic jurisdiction ④ Challenges regarding the organization of law enforcement bodies METI: Agile Governance Update https://www.meti.go.jp/english/press/2022/pdf/0303_002a.pdf
  6. Multi stakeholder approach METI: Agile Governance Update: Figure 3 https://www.meti.go.jp/english/press/2022/pdf/0303_002a.pdf

    It’s important for various stakeholders implement collaborative governance to fosters trust among stakeholders through transparency and dialogue
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