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Joy Bhattacherjee

April 05, 2019

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  1. Effective DevOps Team Topologies Or, how to scale people @hashfyre

    Sportskeeda, Tech Talks Unconference - Apr 5, 2019
  2. Devs and Ops Silos • Throw-it-over-the-wall • DONE ◦ means

    feature complete ◦ May crash in Prod • Dev-local env is miles from Prod • Ops don’t think they need to get involved early Devs Ops
  3. DevOps Team Silo • Dev: “We need to get DevOps

    people” • Dev: “They’ll magically solve cloud and containers for us” • Ops: “Don’t dare commit to my terraform repo and break aws” • Makes sense in 12-18 mo, then needs to be disassembled Devs Ops DevOps
  4. Dev Don’t need Ops • Dev: “I wrote terraform; I’m

    fullstack.” • Ops: “Plan fails on prod, also can’t we have this CICD’ed?” • Dev: Walks away distracted • Might need to evolve into Ops-as-IaaS or DevOps-as-a-Service Devs Ops DevOps
  5. Rebranded SysAdmin • Dev: “We need someone who knows linux!”

    • DevOps: “But K8S is not just linux” • Dev: “Linux all the things!” • Ops: “I got a promotion!” Devs Ops DevOps
  6. DevOps as Toolchain Team • Dev: “I’m going to build

    a PubSub on Kafka” • Ops: “But… NATS, EMQTT, RabbitMQ!” • Dev: “We will write our own API Gateway” • Ops: “But… Kong!” • Who owns it when things perform half as bad? • Early Ops involvement, we need infra-spec-reviews, please! Devs Ops DevOps
  7. Embedded Ops • Narrow app scoped operations • AppOps teams

    conflict with each other on prod • Duplicated effort due absence of high-level unified solutions • Resource constraints, re-prioritizations, burnouts • “We have our own prometheus and ELK” Devs Ops DevOps
  8. Devs - Ops Collab • Zion! • Complementary specializations! •

    Dev: “What Datastore do I use for optimal Document Search at projected scale?” • Ops: “Hey, this method seems to have a memory-leak and no logging, let sit down and fix.” • Ops: “Let’s implement tracing together!” Devs Ops
  9. Shared-Ops • Fully integrated Ops into Product teams • Complete

    overlap • Dev: “Hey, remember that bug in the prometheus-operator? I fixed it in upstream!” • Ops: “Hey, I noticed a small method with a query doing cartesian joins, I created an index and re-wrote the query for you.” Devs Ops
  10. Ops-as-IaaS • Dev: “I need on-demand infra” • DevOps: “I’ll

    create a self-serve platform API wrapper on top of AWS for that.” • Ops: “We’ll write automation on top of the custom IaaS APIs and handle training, knowledge-sharing.” Devs Ops DevOps
  11. DevOps with Expiry • Starts from a DevOps Team Silo

    • Gradually fuse the teams together. • Reduce only to knowledge translation and training and then make them vanish! Devs Ops DevOps
  12. DevOps Evangelists • For orgs with large gaps. • You

    need well-respected Devs and Ops architects in this team. • Change leadership. Devs Ops DevOps
  13. Google Model • Devs prove code is good to go

    with tests and benchmarks • DevOps helps on all envs but prod, does lifecycle management • SRE only allows code that satisfy SLO to prod Devs Ops DevOps SRE