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RubyData Workshop 2018

June 01, 2018

RubyData Workshop 2018



June 01, 2018

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  1. About me • Yusaku Hatanaka (@hatappi) • Speee, Inc •

    Red Data Tools member • Ruby, Go, TypeScript, etc. • I love soybeans soybeans =>
  2. Encounter with Red Data Tools • Kouhei Sutou (@ktou) •

    OSS Gate in Speee • ja: http://tech.speee.jp/entry/2016/06/24/185427 • https://oss-gate.github.io/ • Speee OSS Advisor
  3. 3FE$IBJOFS • Deep learning framework
 it ported python's chainer with

    ruby • Use Numo::NArray for holding and computing matrices • Provide API necessary for deep learning • Convolution, BatchNormalization, Linear, ReLU ,Sigmoid, Softmax, Dropout, etc…
  4. Red Chainer history • 8/12/2017 • first commit • Porting

    Chainer v2 source code by hand • 10/13/2017 • first release • MNIST • 5/19/2018 • Provide necessary API for CNN
  5. motivation • I’m happy to make something that is not

    there • I can develop it with various people • Kouhei Sutou (@ktou), Kenta Murata (@mrkn), Naitoh Jun (@naitoh), Naotoshi Seo (@sonots), @youchan • matz said “RubyΛΩϝΔͱؾ͍͍࣋ͪ”
  6. Continued development Development of Red Data Tools is participating in

    private In order to continue development it is necessary to keep my motivation well
  7. Continued development • Red Data Tools Policy No3 • Continuous,

    iterative progress rather than a short, big project • Write Code Every Day - John Resig • https://johnresig.com/blog/write-code-every-day/
  8. 5BML4VNNBSZ • I’m developing Red Chainer, Red Datasets • Red

    Chainer is still in the process of development • Let's develop it together!!
  9. Thanks • @kou, @mrkn: inspired me to join OSS •

    @naitou, @youcha: Red Chainer contributer • Speee, Inc. : Best sponsor • wife: Provide understanding and time for development in private