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R実習 2016年9月25日

5629c98d3766b578151bf7674162fe7a?s=47 Hikaru Goto
September 25, 2016

 R実習 2016年9月25日

3時間R実習のイントロ部分です。26th とありますが,25th 之間違い。


Hikaru Goto

September 25, 2016


  1. Hands-on Training on Statistical Analysis with R Step by Step

    Study Camp Day2 September 26th, 2016
  2. Disclaimer • I don't know all about R(I don't like

    programing). • Sorry for my poor English! • If you are familiar with Stats or R, please support your team members.
  3. The aims of this course • To understand basic Statistics

    with R • To learn how to use R for your research • Not to be a Datascientist or programmer
  4. What is R? • Have you ever used R? •

    various softwares for Statistical Analysis.
  5. A few disadvantages • CUI not GUI(like SPSS) • We

    need to learn how to program for R a little bit.
  6. A lot of advantages • It's FREE forever! • After

    graduating from JAIST, you can do data-analysis with R. • You can do whatever you want to do about Statistics. • R gets popular more and more.
  7. When you use GUI software... Click here, click there, click

    here... ໘౗
  8. When you use R... • Just copy(or write) and Run!!

    • You can record an analysis procedure and do it again easily.
  9. Don't worry! • You can use R easily with RStudio.

  10. Fundamental Knowledge of R • R tells a capital letter

    from a small letter. • R can't run if you write wrong codes(programs). • R can't understand Japanese(but can display).
  11. How to use R and RStudio step by step Step1.

    Launch RStudio Step2. Create a project Step3. Import a dataset to RStudio Step4. Write codes Step5. Run It's easy to use R!!
  12. What is "dataset"? • "Dateset" is very important. • Pay

    more attention to the data you analyze before analyzing. • Enter the codes in "Editor window".
  13. ΍ͬͯΈΑ͏

  14. Take-home messages • R is not everything! • but, you

    can have many options of data analyis, thanks to R. • Of course, you can(should) use other softwares.