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Design How You're Designed

March 03, 2012

Design How You're Designed

This was a topic I spoke about at the designer fair on March 3rd, 2012 at Stanford University.


March 03, 2012


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  2. Wiring • Everyone is wired differently and is drawn to

    certain things, styles, colors and moods. • When you are drawn to something you like, you'll naturally became aware of it. You’ll see it's details, its personality and its likes and dislikes. Even sometimes you’ll notice things subconsciously.
  3. • Don't shy away from going towards design that interests

    and catches your attention. If you try to create something that is not in your wiring or not in your design preference, you'll find that you'll be uncomfortable, lost, and dragging. • When you allow yourself to design things you're naturally drawn too, you will excel greatly. Designing Naturally
  4. • Don't conform to anyone else, but design the way

    you were designed to be. • Allow yourself to eliminate constraints on any part of your creative process. • People will notice you for your unique style and your passion for a certain area in design. Be Unique
  5. Grow • Stop designing for other people and to please

    the design community. • Instead, based on how you’re designed. Then watch your design career grow on your talent.
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