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My inner-design-monkey

October 31, 2013

My inner-design-monkey

Talk about what design really is.


October 31, 2013

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  1. Kristof Houben @houbenkristof Lead interaction designer for Mobile Vikings and

  2. My inner-design monkey He’s called Maurice.

  3. Ever made something for users? Real humans that is…

  4. Congratulations, you’re all designers! Oh no, please make it go

  5. Conversations you’ll have as a designer. You’ll just have to

    deal with it.
  6. “Could you style this?”

  7. “Could you provide us with a CSS?”

  8. “He's good at drawing, ask him!”

  9. “He'll make it look good … afterwards.”

  10. Designers are not artists We make something that’s to be

    used by humans.
  11. Great design is not a PSD It doesn’t mimic experiences

    and real world problems.
  12. It’s a working product Something finished.

  13. Design needs direction A mission and vision

  14. Design is empathy Understanding the problem

  15. Four layers of design Something to hold on to.

  16. Outcome What does it need to solve. 1 Layer

  17. Structure What components does it need. 2 Layer

  18. Interaction Make it seemless, add animations… 3 Layer

  19. Visual Add colors, fonts, grids, icons, … 4 Layer

  20. Don’t limit yourself to the visual layer That makes you

    a digital artist, not a designer.
  21. We design systems nowadays The age of static pages are

    over. We’ve got API’s, SDK’s, …
  22. Don’t design for Dribbble Move between sketches, whiteboards & prototyping

  23. Some of my sketches I rapidly draw flows

  24. Some of my flows Helps you understand things

  25. I also prototype HTML/CSS, Quartz composer, After effects, …

  26. None
  27. None
  28. None
  29. Don’t forget to talk to people It’s the most valuable

    feedback you’ll get.
  30. Any questions? Liked it? Follow me @houbenkristof Complaints? @stijnj

  31. Great-design-or-not Quiz!

  32. None
  33. It’s not Try putting your grocerylist on this.

  34. None
  35. None
  36. It’s not How does it fit in my kitchen cabinet?

  37. None
  38. None
  39. It’s not Ever needed the weather in 4 different cities

    around the world?
  40. None
  41. Bonus question What shaver did I buy? or 1. 2.

  42. None
  43. It still has a power cord 1.