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Quick overview Geo-BIM project in the Netherlands

Hugo Ledoux
September 11, 2017

Quick overview Geo-BIM project in the Netherlands

Presentation at the OGC meeting in Southampton 2017-09-11

Hugo Ledoux

September 11, 2017

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  1. Quick overview Geo-BIM project in the Netherlands Hugo Ledoux, Ken

    Arroyo Ohori, Thomas Krijnen, Jantien Stoter 2017-09-11
  2. Our initial goal 3 Develop an interface between CityGML and

    IFC to prepare for a fundamental solution to bridge the gap between Geo and BIM. 1. open-source API to represent IFC + CityGML with the same data structure 2. recommendations for future integration +
  3. Bridging the gaps between IFC and CityGML 4 1. gap

    in semantic 2. gap in geometry/topology 3. gap in coordinate reference systems unlike most other similar initiatives, geometry is our main concern
  4. Representations of the geometry 5 Figure adapted from Kolbe and

    Plümer (2004) explicit representation implicit representation (need to be discretised to be manipulated with GIS objects) CityGML IFC
  5. 11

  6. 12

  7. #

  8. IFC models = CSG computations that can go bad… 16

    2 roof parts do not touch wall and ground overlap
  9. We’re making specific recommendations 19 1. How to construct valid

    volumetric objects 2. How to avoid self-intersections 3. Where IfcSpaces should be used 4. Which Ifc classes should be used 5. How to correctly georeference
  10. www.eurosdr.net European Spatial Data Research EuroSDR….. • … organisation for

    European spatial data research EuroSDR 3DSIG: 12 NMCAS collaborate on issues of common interest (since 2013) Crowd funded EuroSDR project GeoBIM • Aim: • To develop common view on how individual, highly detailed BIM- models can be best integrated in geo-databases with topographic data at lower levels of detail • Driven by use cases and experiences in the respective countries (like the presented work in NL)
  11. www.eurosdr.net European Spatial Data Research Deliverables • The optimal strategy

    to maintain one digital view on the built-environment and identification of technical developments needed to achieve this • Requirements for BIM-data to be used in geo-domain and vice versa to support the uses cases • Understanding on how to derive such data from BIM-data respectively geo-data • Modelling guidelines for BIM-data designers so that the BIM data can be better understood/imported in geo applications and vice versa
  12. www.eurosdr.net European Spatial Data Research Partners: • Ordnance Survey UK,

    Swisstopo, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Kadaster, ICGC Catalonia, GUGiK Poland, IGN Fr, IGN B, Lantmateriet Sweden, NLS Finland Time path: • November 2017: workshop to identify the stat-of-the-art in the 10 respective countries; define the uses cases and project plan • 2 years project Collaboration: • With national and international standardisation bodies More information: [email protected] Organisation