Extending Kubernetes with Custom Resources and Operator Frameworks

01dc8e954957a10b428aa60b28c89d52?s=47 Ian Lewis
September 29, 2018

Extending Kubernetes with Custom Resources and Operator Frameworks

Kubernetes is a container orchestration system that provides a lot of built in functionality to deploy and manage applications using containers. But it’s applications that extend Kubernetes’ that is where the true power of Kubernetes lies. Supporting stateful applications, renewing certificates, managing distributed job pipelines can all be made easier by extending the Kubernetes API. Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) allow you to extend the API with new data types and Operators let you write automation logic based on your new data types.

Developing operators has traditionally been hard and new frameworks for writing operators like kubebuilder, operator-sdk, and Metacontroller, have made that job much easier, but it's hard to know which one to choose. In this session, attendees will learn about the Kubernetes API, it's architecture, and how to build operators. We will explore the key differences between the different operator frameworks so that attendees are empowered to choose the right framework for their use case.


Ian Lewis

September 29, 2018