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From Pipeline to Portfolio Innovation

From Pipeline to Portfolio Innovation

Innovation Copilots

August 09, 2022

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  1. © innovation copilots 2022 TECHNOLOGICAL READINESS +5 years The technology

    appears in a lab with first proof of concept. Tech transfer cells try to push the idea to private investors. Startups pre-Series A. Specific trade exhibitions start to discuss the barrier to adoption. 2-3 years Media hype starts to kick-off. Prototypes exist in the industry, and small-scale applications are tested in controlled environments. Startups Series A and B. Beta versions appear on the market for early adopters. 1 year Startups Series C and on. Technology starts to be mainstream in specific vertical early markets. Technology is accepted and embedded in everyday life for most of us. 1 2 5 3 4 7 6 5 years Research 2-3 years Spin-off, startups ready to scale 1 year Scaling up as we speak! TECHNOLOGICAL READINESS MARKET READINESS 15% 5% MARKET READINESS 0.5% Social or demographic changes start to be detected through global turn-around in the economy or in the age pyramid. Prospective studies try to make sense of the changes by proposing scenario for the future. First tribes or groups start to embody this change and sometimes in radical ways, adopting new lifestyles. 2-3% Some regions, small cities or neighbourhoods in large cities, are identified as clusters where the communities adopting the new lifestyle regroup. Media hype starts to kick off. Local politic powers or consumer groups start to defend and promote this change. Main stream consumers start to adopt some parts of the change as a fashion, or a niche offer. 10-15% Main stream market simplify and expand the change to absorb it. 0.5% EXPLORATION ZONE TRANSITION ZONE ACCESS TO CORE MARKET Core strategy: MONITOR A PORTFOLIO Invest minimal ressources to cover as many options as possible and keep your finger on the pulse. ROIs: Disprove early on dead-ends and don’t get caught upon the hype + Detect possible candidates worth investing more resources before everyone else know about them (contract early on small amounts for a PoC whenever possible). Don’t try to value the future business (too soon) but de-risk opportunities. Core strategy: PROJECTS TEST AND LEARN Prototype techs or businesses that have clear interest and a fair survival chance. ROIs: Understand how to make use of the project to sustain your processes or enhance your efficiency, cost structure, etc — or — how to create new market opportunities. The transition from an innovation to the market is never linear. Until you have prototyped you won’t know what is the value for the business. 90 Projects on the radar 25 Projects in MVB mode 5 Projects live Core strategy: PIPELINE WITH A BUSINESS PLAN Test the business model with go / no-go milestones and get to production — or — market. ROIs: Be effective at playing catch-up when needed with a clear business plan and minimal overheads. (Too soon zone) FROM PIPELINE TO PORTFOLIO
  2. © innovation copilots 2022 The 120 “rule” Not maths, but

    stats… 5% 15% 0.5% 30 Design Fiction Prospective Foresight 3O Weak signals monitoring Learning expeditions 10 Trend analysis Intrapreneurship 10 Design studio Corporate incubation 10 Reactive CVC Open innovation 30 In-house R&D Deeptech partnerships Strategic CVC CŒUR DE MARCHÉ ROI technical ROI exploratory ROI strategic ROI cultural ROI know-hows ROI business ROI brand TECHNOLOGICAL READINESS MARKET READINESS 5 years Research 2-3 years Spin-off, startups ready to scale 1 year Scaling up as we speak! FROM PIPELINE TO PORTFOLIO
  3. © innovation copilots 2022 5 7 6 1 2 3

    4 5 years Research 2-3 years Spin-off, startups ready to scale 1 year Scaling up as we speak! TECHNOLOGICAL READINESS CHASM HYPE Innovation is non-linear! Technologies cycle through many iterations before stabilizing and unlocking scale potential and cost-efficiency. mRNAs vaccines have been in R&D for 15 years to prevent cancers, before proving critical for Covid. Market adoption can usually start well with early-adopters but then never cross the “chasm” to the core market. We’ve had AR and VR technologies ready for years and used in many small vertical markets, but still never going mainstream. ⚠ MARKET READINESS 15% 5% 0.5% 90 Projects on the radar 25 Projects in MVB mode 5 Projects live FROM PIPELINE TO PORTFOLIO
  4. © innovation copilots 2022 FROM PIPELINE TO PORTFOLIO 1. Consider

    each project or startup potentially interesting for the group 2. Assess where they are in term of T/M readiness 3. Pin them on the radar Tech Field (Foodtech, Automation, ….)