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Introduction to Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter

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October 13, 2014

Introduction to Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter

A brief introduction to the Imperial College London ACM Student


Imperial ACM

October 13, 2014


  1. Claudia Schulz Chair

  2. Student Seminars • Monday 1-2pm – Room 145 • 30min

    talk • 30min Q&A and lunch • Level: basic CS understanding • Alternating o Research talk o Non-research talk
  3. Student Seminars • 20/10: Patrick Snape o “Recognising eyes from

    faces using Menpo” • 27/10: WriteLatex o Online collaborative LaTex editor
  4. Internship Event • Wednesday 29th October o 3pm o Room

    340 • Companies like o Google o Facebook o McKinsey o Morgan & Stanley o Entrepreneur First • Also for finding jobs
  5. ICCSW • 24th - 25th September 2015 • Become an

    organiser o No experience needed! o Useful skills • Friday 17th October 3pm o Room 218
  6. Socials • Next: Bowling o Next week Wed/Thu/Fri • Doodle:

    o http://doodle.com/miprf5gcu228tedq#table • Subsidised for members
  7. Committee Elected Committee: Chair Vice Chair Membership Chair Secretary Finance

    Officer Webmaster Contributors Organising Committee:
  8. Committee • Become a contributor! • Learn useful skills •

    No experience required • No matter how much time you have • Even small contribution as a big impact