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IBM Internship presentation

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October 29, 2014

IBM Internship presentation

Presentation given by IBM for the Imperial College London ACM internship event 2014


Imperial ACM

October 29, 2014


  1. PhD Opportunities ETS – IBM Hursley Helen McAllister Senior Inventor

    & Emerging Technologies Manager
  2. ETS Small team of 40 highly technical individuals Based at

    Hursley outside Winchester Part of IBM UK – working with research teams across the world Focus on solving real world client problems using emerging technologies Run international research program To interest and excite our clients on the impact and value of emerging technologies to their business and to position IBM to partner with them to exploit those technologies – “Driving Innovation that Matters”
  3. None
  4. Find out more • Ibm.com/blogs/et

  5. 2014 Student Projects • Tying Smarter Buildings with Big Data

    Analysis • If this then that & more intelligent – Buildings learning for themselves • 3D model of the Client Centre for the Oculus Rift / BIM Demo • New version of Farsight (Augmented Reality) based on worklight • Visualisation Question Cluster to Improve accuracy analysis for Watson • Working on Information Virtualisation Project • Statistical Entity Matching for Open Data Analytics
  6. ibm.com/blogs/et

  7. Next Steps 3-6 month placements available throughout 2015 Send a

    CV to helen.mcallister@uk.ibm.com Needs to include • Technical experience • Any client / customer work / details of previous internships • Current Research Focus Area