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Including People (MagmaConf 2015)

Including People (MagmaConf 2015)

This talk is about the twin open source project goals of, on the one hand, increasing participation and contribution to an open source project, and on the other hand including everyone while eliminating discrimination and harassment (whether deliberate or accidental). I'll talk about different approaches to reducing discrimination, including better documentation, better development tooling, explicit onboarding process, and codes of conduct. I'll discuss how those strategies have played on on projects I participate in, both small and large. I also cover concrete steps that anyone can take to help increase acceptance and diversity in the communities and open source projects that they are involved in.

André Arko

June 21, 2015

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  1. Including people

  2. Including people !"#$%&

  3. André Arko @indirect

  4. None
  5. The Ruby Way therubyway.io

  6. stickers!

  7. None
  8. stickers!

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  10. stickers!

  11. including people in projects & communities

  12. experiences and suggestions some

  13. “diversity” let’s talk about

  14. bias & exclusion we have a problem

  15. is a lie told by meritocracy rich white men

  16. the economic argument for diversity is diversionary bullshit

  17. including people is an attitude and a philosophy of interaction

  18. projects need to include their teams

  19. projects need to include contributors

  20. projects need to include users

  21. users pay more attention than you think they do

  22. code of conduct makes it clear your project will not

    tolerate harassment
  23. documentation first point of contact with your project for most

  24. write tutorials topic guides an API reference troubleshooting docs

  25. accept issue reports gracefully

  26. listen and speak respectfully

  27. contributors are like users, but more helpful

  28. ask for help people like helping

  29. write docs just for potential or current contributors

  30. pull requests are just issues with work done for you

  31. your team is people

  32. respect and empathy

  33. are why you’re here respect & empathy

  34. are all that matters. respect & empathy