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비둘기 - 박제창 Flutter Developer Meetup - Seoul

November 10, 2023

비둘기 - 박제창 Flutter Developer Meetup - Seoul

비둘기 - 박제창 Flutter Developer Meetup - Seoul


November 10, 2023

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    Green Room revisited Christopher M. Stimpson1,* & Barry J. Kemp2,*
  2. Flutter Multi-Platform Mobile Bring your app idea to more users

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  3. Pigeon is a code generator tool to make communication between

    Flutter and the host platform type-safe, easier, and faster. • Pigeon removes the necessity to manage strings across multiple platforms and languages. • It also improves efficiency over common method channel patterns. • Most importantly though, it removes the need to write custom platform channel code, since pigeon generates it for you. Code Generator tool Pigeon 6
  4. Currently pigeon supports generating: • Kotlin and Java code for

    Android • Swift and Objective-C code for iOS and macOS • C++ code for Windows Supported Platforms Pigeon 7
  5. Pigeon Code Generator tool 8 .dart file Flutter App iOS

    Host Android Host Desktop Host Dart Objective-C Swift Java, Kotlin Pigeon 🕊
  6. class MessageData { String? name; Code code; Map<String?, String?> data;

    MessageData({required this.code, required this.data}); } 15 @HostApi() abstract class SimpleHostApi { bool sendMessage(MessageData message); }
  7. dart run pigeon \ --input pigeons/messaging.dart \ --dart_out lib/pigeon.dart \

    --objc_header_out ios/Runner/pigeon.h \ --objc_source_out ios/Runner/pigeon.m \ --java_out ./android/app/src/main/java/com/example/xxxx/Pigeon.java \ --java_package "com.example.xxxx" 17
  8. @ConfigurePigeon(PigeonOptions( dartOut: 'lib/src/messages.g.dart', dartOptions: DartOptions(), cppOptions: CppOptions(namespace: 'pigeon_example'), cppHeaderOut: 'windows/runner/messages.g.h',

    cppSourceOut: 'windows/runner/messages.g.cpp', kotlinOut: 'android/app/src/main/kotlin/com/dreamwalker/flutter_pigeon/Messages.g.kt', kotlinOptions: KotlinOptions(), javaOut: 'android/app/src/main/java/io/flutter/plugins/Messages.java', javaOptions: JavaOptions(), swiftOut: 'ios/Runner/Messages.g.swift', swiftOptions: SwiftOptions(), objcHeaderOut: 'macos/Runner/messages.g.h', objcSourceOut: 'macos/Runner/messages.g.m', objcOptions: ObjcOptions(prefix: 'PGN'), copyrightHeader: 'pigeons/copyright.txt', dartPackageName: 'pigeon_example', )) 18
  9. 20 Future<String> getHostLanguage() async { final BasicMessageChannel<Object?> channel = BasicMessageChannel<Object?>(

    'dev.flutter.pigeon.pigeon_example.SimpleHostApi.getHostLanguage', codec, binaryMessenger: _binaryMessenger); final List<Object?>? replyList = await channel.send(null) as List<Object?>?; if (replyList == null) { throw PlatformException( code: 'channel-error', message: 'Unable to establish connection on channel.', ); } /// else if else { return (replyList[0] as String?)!; } }
  10. 21 class MainActivity : FlutterActivity() { override fun configureFlutterEngine(flutterEngine: FlutterEngine)

    { super.configureFlutterEngine(flutterEngine) val api = PigeonApiImplementation() SimpleHostApi.setUp(flutterEngine.dartExecutor.binaryMessenger, api); } }
  11. 22 @UIApplicationMain @objc class AppDelegate: FlutterAppDelegate { override func application(

    _ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]? ) -> Bool { GeneratedPluginRegistrant.register(with: self) let controller = window?.rootViewController as! FlutterViewController let api = PigeonApiImplementation() ExampleHostApiSetup.setUp(binaryMessenger: controller.binaryMessenger, api: api) return super.application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions) } }
  12. 23 private class PigeonApiImplementation: SimpleHostApi { override fun getHostLanguage(): String

    { return "Kotlin" } override fun sendMessage(message: MessageData, callback: (Result<Boolean>) -> Unit) { if (message.code == Code.ONE) { callback(Result.failure(FlutterError("code", "message", "details"))) return } callback(Result.success(true)) } }
  13. 24 private class PigeonApiImplementation: SimpleHostApi { func getHostLanguage() throws ->

    String { return "Swift" } func sendMessage(message: MessageData, completion: @escaping (Result<Bool, Error>) -> Void) { if (message.code == Code.one) { completion(.failure(FlutterError(code: "code", message: "message", details: "details"))) return } completion(.success(true)) } }
  14. 25 ElevatedButton( onPressed: () async { final host = await

    ExampleHostApi().getHostLanguage(); // custom code.. }, child: Text("호스트 정보"), )
  15. • Pigeon is a code generator tool to make communication

    between Flutter and the host platform • type-safe ◦ Kotlin and Java code for Android ◦ Swift and Objective-C code for iOS and macOS ◦ C++ code for Windows Summary Pigeon Code Generator tool 26